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  • Posted 05/07/2012 09:59:41 EDT

    In Response to Re: Why Goal Scoring Is Down: In Response to Re: Why Goal Scoring Is Down : I didn't say I hate the Rangers. I think you're allowing your hate of Dale Hunter and your love of the Fonz t more »

  • Posted 05/07/2012 02:14:58 EDT

    In Response to Re: Why Goal Scoring Is Down: In Response to Re: Why Goal Scoring Is Down : Please elaborate on what it is the Caps are doing that the Rangers aren't. NY are the ones who've been doing more »

  • Posted 05/07/2012 11:08:54 EDT

    In Response to Re: Why Goal Scoring Is Down: In Response to Re: Why Goal Scoring Is Down : Nothing. They both play the same style is what I meant. And that was not to be taken literally, they both can more »

  • Posted 05/06/2012 11:51:47 EDT

    In Response to Re: Why Goal Scoring Is Down: In Response to Re: Why Goal Scoring Is Down : They both need to lose... Posted by Bisson1 Im not a rangers fan The rangers are playing the Capitals, what d more »

  • Posted 05/06/2012 11:29:35 EDT

    the Rangers really need to win, Its gonna be ugly next season if everyone starts playing the kind of hockey the capitals are doing. I still can't get over the extend to which the Capitals don't even t more »

  • Posted 01/08/2011 10:25:48 EST

    bruins take a penalty in montreal with 3:30 minutes left so they can control play until they pull price, meanwhile the bruins start to play like they are scared of the blue line ya, i did see it comin more »

  • Posted 01/08/2011 10:18:02 EST

    your 100% right , its completely Thomas' Fault, lord knows pucks never take bounces or bruins never take stupid penalties and the habs never get calls at home in the last 5 minutes right before they p more »

  • Forum Post: Is it impossible?

    Posted 12/22/2010 05:08:09 EST

    i dont expect them to win every game,, i dont even really want a presidents trophy type season if they are gonna be half broke for the playoffs, i do expect them to play 3 periods of hockey win or los more »

  • Posted 12/22/2010 04:22:34 EST

    the Bruins have too much money tied up in mediocre talent that doesn't produce consistently and the coaching is awful. seguin needs to be on the ice so he can learn and gain confidence. we are good on more »

  • Posted 12/15/2010 05:38:13 EST

    is a bag of pucks greater than, or less than, a future consideration? more »

  • Posted 12/15/2010 04:52:10 EST

    its become obvious to me that most bruins fans have no idea what to look for in a goalie.  sooooo convinced that TT shoulda been traded,, o really??? hows that plan looking now?? what is it you think more »

  • Posted 12/15/2010 04:27:21 EST

    In Response to Re: Peguuins looking to deal/trade: yes, Bergy, Krecji and Leafs #1 for Malkin. Then Wheeler, Colborne and our #1 for Brad Richards. Then Rask for Shea Weber. Win the Cup this year, it' more »

  • Posted 11/28/2010 07:51:15 EST

    In Response to Re: CJ VS Ramsey / B's Thrashers Game Thread: In Response to Re: CJ VS Ramsey / B's Thrashers Game Thread : oh.  here's the time out with 3:17 left and the game pretty much out of reach more »

  • Posted 09/29/2010 12:23:54 EDT

    the offense will be better than last year if not much better. Im more concerned with how the goalie situation is handled. what ever happend to sharing workload between 2 good goalies? this ride the ho more »

  • Posted 09/29/2010 12:12:19 EDT

    his 2 goals the other night were both scored from like 3 feet out when no one was paying any attention to him standing there. however, i don't really see the point in pretending kessel cant score goal more »

  • Posted 09/26/2010 09:44:33 EDT

    you do realize its pointless to argue about signing a goon or not when coming at it from opposite schools of thought about if you need to have a goon or not. seriously. some teams believe in it and so more »

  • Posted 09/19/2010 10:05:21 EDT

    i went to lids in 08 for a bruins hat and the guy asked me if i meant UCLA,  fail, they actually have some bruins now though more »

  • Forum Post: I"ll make it easy

    Posted 09/19/2010 08:48:55 EDT

     it would be great for you if you could add to your display of hockey knowlege simply by using a font tool bar but you can't more »

  • Posted 09/19/2010 08:45:11 EDT

    sort of like finding merchandise in the store from the other three Boston sports teams plus Yankees crap and almost no bruins gear. Hockey is an after thought, its pretty lame. more »

  • Forum Post: SAVY

    Posted 09/19/2010 08:40:56 EDT

    In Response to Re: SAVY: I am sorry PB37 if I have hurt your feelins by yelling at you, NOW SHUT YOUR COMPUTER OFF AND GO TO BED TOMORROW IS A SCHOOL DAY. Posted by No4BobbyOrr-GOAT looks like Irritab more »

  • Posted 09/09/2010 01:00:31 EDT

    gonna see them one game in October and then on Nov 22 in tampa while im there. after that who knows more »

  • Forum Post: Thomas injury

    Posted 09/09/2010 12:53:54 EDT

    yes im sure NAS will, i for one had no idea until after the series was over, which im sure was the point. imagine the nonsense thrown at Rask if pilly Realized TT was broken? more »

  • Forum Post: Krejci linemates?

    Posted 09/09/2010 12:06:33 EDT

    In Response to Re: Krejci linemates?: Lucic Savard Horton- This 1st line is most likely to happen Wheeler Krejci Seguin- Or DK could switch off center and wing with Seguin Paille Bergeron Ryder- Solid more »

  • Posted 09/07/2010 11:39:29 EDT

    sort of like when PC doesn't want to trade tomas but doesn't mind if he is persued openly by other teams. and if you still think a Savard trade wasn't looked at your crazy, Yawn indeed more »

  • Posted 09/06/2010 12:27:23 EDT

    you have to win beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Celtics should have made more shots,, that being said, when you consider the fact that they lost by 4 points and look at the free throws is it really a more »

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