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  • Posted 07/07/2015 05:12:28 EDT

    In response to GEAUX-TIGRES' comment:

    We? Are you on the Pats' roster?

    Are you the message board police? Does the way people post really effect you that much?

  • Forum Post: OT: Marriage

    Posted 07/02/2015 02:03:16 EDT

    In response to agcsbill's comment: tanbass....  when Deflategate is getting ridiculous and nothing much coming out of the Patriots' camp lately, gotta keep the mind "sharp" with brainless topics, eh? more »

  • Forum Post: OT: Marriage

    Posted 07/02/2015 01:35:13 EDT

    Over 400 posts arguing about gay marriage and the bible.....you guys bored much??? Unreal!!

    This is the Pats forum right? LOL

    more »

  • Forum Post: Discussion Topics

    Posted 07/01/2015 09:04:49 EDT

    In response to MichFan's comment: The Pats and Brady are fighting for their lives and some people want to start discussions  about marriage, Donald Trump and Bristol Palin. And now you can add this me more »

  • Posted 06/25/2015 01:29:55 EDT

    In response to MellyMel7's comment: A LEGEND...A TRUE INTERNET LEGEND! The only thing legendary about Rusty is his unsatisfiable appetite to hang around a forum that doesn't want you. I'll give him on more »

  • Posted 06/25/2015 01:19:08 EDT

    In response to BostonTS' comment: Yah, he's been doing it for a long time (and quite a few screen names). You could say he pipes in his own crowd noise.... Yeah, I know, he's a little annoying pee-on. more »

  • Posted 06/25/2015 08:45:40 EDT

    In response to SLGDEV's comment: UD6, you are normally better than this. Since when??? He comes here for one reason, and one reason only....to stir the pot because he needs attention (just like Rusty) more »

  • Posted 06/22/2015 02:05:51 EDT

    Boston.com should be embarrassed to run such a ridiculous story.......whoever decided that this was news worthy should not be employed anymore.....My God, the media is useless.

    more »

  • Posted 06/19/2015 01:45:08 EDT

    My question is this..... Isn't it pretty easy for these guys....Brady, Wells....whoever....to be deleting any message that can hurt them? I'd personally rather see the phones of Harbaugh....Irsay..... more »

  • Posted 06/19/2015 01:02:33 EDT

    I'm just wondering why you think it's okay for TB not to hand over his phone, but when Wells does the same thing it's a problem? Don't get me wrong, I'm 100% behind Brady, but this seems a little like more »

  • Forum Post: Lawyer needed

    Posted 06/17/2015 09:15:28 EDT

    Some of you guys take this stuff WAY too seriously!! File a suit because you favorite sport caused you mental drama? Really? I swear some people need to get out more and discover that there is life be more »

  • Posted 06/17/2015 09:10:24 EDT

    Whats the point of bringing up anything about Spygate again?

    more »

  • Forum Post: Suggs on Brady

    Posted 06/17/2015 09:08:24 EDT

    I suppose this would be important if I actually gave two craps about what Suggs thinks....after all the crap this jacka55 spews....what he says now just doesn't matter.

    more »

  • Posted 06/10/2015 04:23:03 EDT

    In response to umichfan's comment: ok he missed a flight cause of the weather??  If that's true why hold him out for 3 weeks??  Sometimes BB drives me crazy!! If it was not under his control (weather/ more »

  • Posted 06/06/2015 06:29:49 EDT

    Eason never seemed (to me) that he ever had that killer instinct. Just that look in his eyes....looked more scared than confident. So I guess i fall into the majority of "didn't care for him" crowd.

    more »

  • Posted 06/04/2015 01:25:53 EDT

    In response to ImagydVast's comment: Heard press conference of cam newton to celebrate his 100m deal. When asked how he would celebrate, said he would likely eat his fave meal of those mentioned items more »

  • Posted 05/29/2015 11:30:22 EDT

    In response to TexasPat's comment: Why punish the team, when even the warped Wells Report indicated that BB and Kraft had nothing to do with this. Saints fans will argue, "institutional control". But, more »

  • Posted 05/28/2015 03:34:28 EDT

    I hate Goodell. I hate the NFL and how it operates. I hate the media. I hate these ridiculous witch hunts. But I love watching football, especially Pats games. I will never let the organizations like more »

  • Posted 05/28/2015 01:15:48 EDT

    He sounds like a whiney little girl to me. Just like anyone here who feels the need to announce that you're leaving the board.....almost like you are hoping someone will try and talk you out of it.... more »

  • Posted 05/26/2015 03:54:06 EDT

    Here's a more important question.....

    When was the last time one of the top 5 backs in the NFL lead his team to the superbowl?

    more »

  • Posted 05/22/2015 08:43:29 EDT

    He's a dirtbag gang-banging murderer....who cares. Enjoy life behind bars dumba55!!

    more »

  • Posted 05/21/2015 11:05:37 EDT

    I vote scenario 1. I do believe Brady told them to "adjust" the balls to his liking, as there is zero reason for them to do it on their own. I just don't believe he told them to actually go below lega more »

  • Forum Post: Anyone Notice?

    Posted 05/15/2015 02:25:49 EDT

    In response to ModLikeGoodell's comment: It just sits there in print to remind you and your band of trolls. I guess you showed us huh? How will I ever sleep at night? LMAO "band of trolls"....yes, we more »

  • Forum Post: Anyone Notice?

    Posted 05/15/2015 02:18:35 EDT

    In response to DoNotSleepOnThePats' comment:

    This thread will cease to exist soon. Rinse, wash, repeat.


    more »

  • Forum Post: Anyone Notice?

    Posted 05/15/2015 02:14:40 EDT

    In response to ModLikeGoodell's comment: I love pointing out hypocrites.  Do you enjoy being a hypocrite, backing the mod? Do you back Goodell the hypocrite, too? I'm not backing anyone, I'm just poki more »

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