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  • Posted 12/18/2014 07:37:44 EST

    The second goal was weak and most of his saves were easy. Solid game but nothing amazing. Also, I thought Eriksson stunk for most of the game and had some brutal give aways (why force it on the pp?) b more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 11:34:53 EST

    Dk back, Bruins win. That is all, goodnight.

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 04:51:50 EST

    In response to Chappy2828's comment: In response to OatesCam's comment: [QUOTE] Koko and Spooner were both -2 in just 3 and 5 games respectively, and in just 8 and 10 minute per game each; that's an a more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 04:15:19 EST

    I expect a healthy Bruins team to get at least .600 percentage of points available.  If they can't do that, they're not much of a team really.  So .600 of 51 games would be 61pts.  Added to the 33 the more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 04:10:41 EST

    Speaking of DK, any word on Krejci?

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 04:09:59 EST

    In response to Lex44's comment: In response to jmwalters' comment: [QUOTE] In response to 50belowzero's comment: [QUOTE] Refresh my memory on that? As chief architect of the dead puck era...many of th more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 04:08:33 EST

    In response to dannycater's comment: Now with that said, would he be better if he had better linemates? That's been the rant about Lucic, only as good as those surrounding him. Maybe the same for Carl more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 01:24:35 EST

    Soderberg is exactly what I always said he is:  A really good 3rd line center or a weak second line center.  I'm just glad the talk of him being a 1st liner is completely dead.

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 01:16:12 EST

    Koko and Spooner were both -2 in just 3 and 5 games respectively, and in just 8 and 10 minute per game each; that's an amazing level of defensive inneptitude, on a team with almost all players being a more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 10:45:09 EST

    I think the rookie "wall" is usually built by the coach.  As in, rookie plays some good games then plays some bad games.  Coach doesn't have time to trust rookie to work through it and benches, scratc more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 10:39:53 EST

    I thought last night's game was real good.  Solid D, but not without scoring chances.

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 10:38:37 EST

    I was wondering if NAS was there.  It was an NHL record!  Looked awesome.

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 10:36:15 EST

    In response to 50belowzero's comment: In response to OatesCam's comment: [QUOTE] I hate how awesome Lucic is!  He makes me feel like less of a man :( How about Cunny? He must instill some backbone,eh? more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 10:25:58 EST

    I hate how awesome Lucic is!  He makes me feel like less of a man :(

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 10:02:44 EST

    So wild has sick goalies.  As in ill.  That could be handy.  Another solid game like last night should net a win.

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 09:59:15 EST

    Morrow might have been under the weather, you never know.  I seem to miss the games he play in. My opinion of him is indifferent.  I think Trotman is pretty good, and Bartowski is at times awesome, at more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 09:25:36 EST

    You should always trade from strength, too.  If this team is good enough to win the cup after a trade, they're good enough to win enough games to make the playoffs without a trade.  If the Bruins go o more »

  • Posted 12/16/2014 11:56:33 EST

    Great game.  Tuukka was excellent. Chara looking much better.  Smith and Marchand both playing like top line wingers.  Lucic playing like the beast he can be.  CunnyHammy showing great speed and outst more »

  • Posted 12/16/2014 11:51:20 EST

    There shouldn't be a "breaking point" if you're a good GM.  If there is a good trade to make now that makes the team better, you make it now.  If there isn't, you don't make a trade.  A bad trade does more »

  • Posted 12/16/2014 08:43:36 EST

    Bruins looking real nice tonight. 

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  • Posted 12/16/2014 08:31:47 EST

    I'll take Rask over Rinne every night of the week.

    I'm really liking CunnyHammy. 

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  • Posted 12/16/2014 08:17:38 EST

    Cunny's got great Hammies.

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  • Posted 12/16/2014 08:13:53 EST

    The correct answer is neither.  The forced answer would be Lucic. The only option is also only Lucic or neither, since Hamilton doesn't balance the cap thingy.

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  • Forum Post: Would you?

    Posted 12/16/2014 12:47:45 EST

    In response to Bookboy007's comment: I think this came up before and, you know, it's a thought.  I agree with Wensink that Rask for Hall straight up does nothing to improve the team or even give them more »

  • Forum Post: Would you?

    Posted 12/16/2014 12:44:19 EST

    Nope. I gave a detailed reason why in one of the other threads. Essentially the benefit of having Rask instead of a more average goalie is better than the additional goals you get from Hall instead of more »

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