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  • Posted 04/12/2011 11:40:25 EDT

    One of the many great qualities about whippets is that they don't smell - ever.  They are almost like cats in their cleanliness and "non-stinky" genetic disposition.  As a result, I rarely give Cody a more »

  • Posted 03/10/2011 10:35:32 EST

    Getting ready for our annual exam for Cody at the end of the month and as much as I love his vet and wouldn't go anywhere else, I'm often hit with sticker shock at check out.  Sometimes it's because o more »

  • Posted 03/09/2011 11:08:03 EST

    I've had a whippet (current dog), westie, beagle, and maltese among other purebred and mixed breed dogs over the years and loved them all for very different reasons so it's hard to pick a favorite.  M more »

  • Posted 02/23/2011 08:52:42 EST

    The article in today's globe,,about a Golden retriever ordered euthanized for biting a child is a perfect example of why it's not the breed it's the irresponsible owner that is to more »

  • Posted 02/23/2011 08:45:49 EST

    Love the fleece tummy warmer coats for specific breeds on the K9 apparel posted by Janine.  Thanks!  I'm going to order one for Cody to wear under his regular coat on really cold days (hopefully there more »

  • Forum Post: Brushing Teeth

    Posted 02/11/2011 11:28:37 EST

    The American Veterinary Medical Association has a video available online that demonstrates how to gradually start brushing your pet's teeth, Not sure if it more »

  • Posted 02/10/2011 06:13:47 EST

    Thanks for the many thoughtful and wonderful ideas.  Reading them made me teary-eyed thinking about Cody's favorite girl being so sick.  I just love the photo idea.  Sadly, I've lost a number of dogs more »

  • Posted 02/09/2011 04:47:46 EST

    My dog Cody is going to visit his favorite "girlfriend" this weekend (she's a 9 y.o. Golden girl) and I'm looking for ideas for gifts we can bring to brighten her day.  She was recently and sadly diag more »

  • Posted 01/26/2011 12:43:38 EST

    I've never heard of using olive oil for dogs so you might want to check with your vet about that before continuing it over a long-term.  Omega 3 (and 6) Fish oils are what I've always heard are good f more »

  • Posted 01/26/2011 11:57:49 EST

    Love the pics of Bella, Bosco and Gracie.  I hope Bosco learns to love the booties - they are so cute!  Thanks for the coat links.  The custom coats that Kargiver mentioned look a lot like the ones I more »

  • Posted 01/25/2011 10:56:28 EST

    I would love to get Cody a parka like Gracie, but he is an odd size.  I either have to sew them myself or have them custom made for him because his length and girth don't match up for standard sizes. more »

  • Posted 01/24/2011 01:54:42 EST

    How are you protecting your dog from the subzero temps?  A Brigham ER doc recommended dogs wear booties and limit walks to 5 minutes in a Boston Globe article.  As a result, I pulled out the muttluks more »

  • Posted 01/20/2011 05:06:58 EST

    In Response to Re: Senior Pet Care Tips?: I have a Bernese Mtn. Dog who has had hip dysplasia from a young age.  We use Springtime Inc.'s Joint Health Chewables and the results have been incredible.  more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 09:15:48 EST

    Thanks for all the great tips - love the idea of homeopathic remedies from robingirl and massage from kargiver.  I'm going to order the massage book on Amazon and may even get one for my friend who ha more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 01/12/2011 03:56:25 EST

    My dog just turned 10 years old last week, so I decided to look into pet care for senior pets and created a blog post offering 7 tips for senior dog care.  Do you have any more tips?  I've had to star more »

  • Posted 01/06/2011 01:35:58 EST

    Great points by all! As far as these scientific studies, these are the same researchers who tell us one week to take a particular vitamin supplement for our health and a year later they say that same more »

  • Forum Post:

    Posted 01/05/2011 10:43:30 EST

    Some researchers say pets do NOT make us happier and healthier!  It seems impossible, yet these are "scientific" findings noted in a NY Times article this week.  What do you think?  Has your pet contr more »

  • Posted 12/30/2010 03:42:45 EST

    Do you have more than one pet in your home?  Take our poll... more »

  • Posted 12/30/2010 03:32:23 EST

    Road salt is absolutely not safe for dogs!  It can burn, crack and damage a dog's paw pads.  We recently posted our top picks for paw protection products on our Best of Breed Blog.  You can read them more »

  • Forum Post: Obedience classes?

    Posted 12/15/2010 06:11:45 EST

    Clicker training does require that you use food rewards initially, but it works and gets the attention of dogs because its positive.  It typically shouldn't be difficult with chow hounds because the d more »

  • Forum Post: Obedience classes?

    Posted 12/15/2010 12:10:23 EST

    It sounds like you've received plenty of good advice and have a plan in place with Compatible Canines, which is great! You may be interested in this new article in Psychology Today published yesterday more »

  • Forum Post: Got cute pets?

    Posted 12/10/2010 05:09:59 EST

    Enter your pet in our weekly cutest pet's free and if they win they could be featured on our home page!  We'd love to see pics of pets in their holiday attire! P more »