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  • Posted 05/23/2011 06:12:22 EDT

    avery bradley will be selling shoes at foot locker in less than 2 years

  • Posted 05/18/2011 06:01:21 EDT

    No he can't...Powe will forever be a "woulda, coulda" kind of player due to injuries...he had his 15 minutes in 2008, love ya Leon, miss ya, but no he can't replace the round mound...Baby played too m more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 05:54:46 EDT

    Don't trade Pierce!!!!!!!  He's the Captain, he's a Celtic, he plays hard, he plays well, he would've made the winning shot against Miami if KG had remembered to execute the play...I love you Paul!!!! more »

  • Posted 05/18/2011 05:50:22 EDT

    He's a bum!!!!!!!!!! more »

  • Posted 05/17/2011 01:03:27 EDT

    In Response to No Dead Horse Beatin’ Round Here:     "Now, all over town, people are playing the blame-game, pointing fingers, and replaying their what-if scenarios.  You’ve heard that expression abou more »

  • Posted 05/16/2011 03:35:25 EDT

    Nice post Fiercest.  Just read Doc's comments, I was gonna start a thread that said, "Guess Who Else Didn't Like The Perk Trade: Doc Rivers."  I think Doc's exactly right as far as the continuity and more »

  • Posted 05/15/2011 10:44:35 EDT

    Oklahoma City would never ever ever ever ever ever do that more »

  • Forum Post: Real Game Thread

    Posted 05/11/2011 07:58:27 EDT

    dude, rondo, valiant effort buddy, but have a seat please, arroyo's able-bodied is he not?  and baby, could you catch the ball please? more »

  • Forum Post: Real Game Thread

    Posted 05/11/2011 07:41:37 EDT

    the miami run all starts with a missed call by the refs, bosh steps out, no call, lebron hits a 3, and the avalanche begins, the refs have s u c k e d the entire series but that's pretty standard more »

  • Posted 05/10/2011 04:02:36 EDT

    2 knees kept this team from winning 3 in a row, team coulda been legendary, not to be, tragic more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 11:15:02 EDT

    Doc's coaching was fine, he's doin the best with what he has... Kevin Garnett was 1 for 10, that's the long and short of it...he refused to play the way he played in game 3...refused, as in doc wanted more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 10:54:42 EDT

    idk about some of these posts but Im with those that say you just simply cannot miss that shot really ever but especially at that juncture of the game...the injury didnt even play a role's more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 09:54:25 EDT

    why in the hell was garnett guarding lebron? oh so nobody would be there to rebound

    more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 09:31:11 EDT

    wow rondo, can't just lay it in, gotta put the rondo spin on it, im sick more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 09:25:40 EDT

    thank god for delonte tonight, wow, not sure rondo's really helping right now he's just so limited

    more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 09:19:43 EDT

    every bounce going heat's way, celts block a shot, right to bosh, been happening all night more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 09:16:25 EDT

    c's missing too many open shots, like you said man, should be UP more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 09:09:16 EDT

    love west's total game tonight more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 08:54:26 EDT

    wade was out of bounds on that more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 08:48:55 EDT

    how is that not a flagrant? more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 08:41:45 EDT

    ray and kg missing shots...not has to get on the block and patiently get good shots like last game...he's settling

    more »

  • Posted 05/09/2011 12:47:02 EDT

    There's always a faction that will point to whoever seems to be playing the best at any given moment and say that's the eventual champion.  Dallas played great against the Lakers, they're a great team more »

  • Posted 05/08/2011 01:51:25 EDT

    just one other side note, I love JO's reaction...if you watch it on you tube watch JO, he saw it happen and he was HOT ... maybe he'll be the one to put him down ... yeah i mean you don't wish injurie more »

  • Posted 05/08/2011 01:36:10 EDT

    In Response to Witness to criminal activity: [QUOTE]Clearly intentional and a very dirty play. Suspend Wade for his melicious and criminal act.  Here is the clip. more »

  • Posted 05/08/2011 01:25:49 EDT

    Shaq's gotta put Wade on the floor next game, or Jermaine...he is a punk and he denied it was dirty...he said "it's basketball, guys fall down, guys get hurt" ... Guys do fall down, Rondo didn't fall more »