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  • Posted 01/25/2011 11:53:26 EST

    In Response to Re: Will the closet GM's and coaches please go away?: " I come here for the comedy....football discussion is a side thing.....  and patsfan1966 is a clown and very entertaining one at t more »

  • Posted 01/25/2011 11:34:32 EST

     sometimes meds come late. more »

  • Posted 12/23/2010 09:28:01 EST


  • Forum Post: 18 of 20

    Posted 12/23/2010 09:23:45 EST

    In Response to Re: 18 of 20: 1983 Zenith Console TV (color's gone but rabbit ears work fine) - $15 1986 Dodge Grand Caravan with 220K and only moderate rust damage - $100 Single wide on a rented plot more »

  • Forum Post: 18 of 20

    Posted 12/22/2010 08:21:44 EST

     When I look in the mirror I fell good. more »

  • Posted 12/22/2010 08:18:29 EST

    In Response to Re: Sam Huff rips the NFL: As far as overtime goes, whether you believe it was broken (it was) or that this convoluted playoff "fix" addresses the actual problem (it doesn't), it seems more »

  • Forum Post: 18 of 20

    Posted 12/21/2010 09:03:00 EST

     enjoy your last real season more »

  • Forum Post: 18 of 20

    Posted 12/20/2010 10:02:05 EST

     Top rated tv shows are NFL games- get ready for a 18 game season-The whole forget the real fan and all the the stuff that comes with it. NHL,NBA the NFL is next. Did anyone say wife swap,the biggest more »

  • Forum Post: Pats Salary

    Posted 12/18/2010 09:19:17 EST

     What are the pats real number vs other teams,including signing bonuses, and  what do they owe as a base line to their players in 2011. more »

  • Posted 12/17/2010 09:00:13 EST

     underdogs mom coming off the top rope when all I needed was my tire pressure checked. more »

  • Posted 12/16/2010 08:51:43 EST

    In Response to Re: How Would You Beat the Pats?: In Response to Re: How Would You Beat the Pats? : See, THIS is exactly what I'm talkin' about here (previous post) ...       From The NY Giants perspec more »

  • Forum Post: To: Brett Favre

    Posted 12/13/2010 10:38:38 EST

     I agree with you its just I am drunk. more »

  • Forum Post: To: Brett Favre

    Posted 12/13/2010 10:09:35 EST

     BUrp. The thing is so many quarterbacks are garbage and kill the team, so just getting a quarterback not being garbage is just a huge step up -brett favre-AND look atTHE TEAMS That WASTE A FIRST ROUN more »

  • Posted 12/08/2010 12:38:50 EST

     Moss has to attend his first day of truck driving school,you never want to miss your first day. more »

  • Forum Post: Crusty

    Posted 12/07/2010 10:42:44 EST

     Let her rip

    more »

  • Posted 12/07/2010 11:55:37 EST

     Bill should of had a bet with Ryan,loser shovels the others driveway.Would have been priceless. more »

  • Posted 12/07/2010 11:11:57 EST

     I was going to post before that pats win this game easy and Hoyer should be starting against Buffalo if the other games fall in to place.With a little luck Pats could have things locked up then. more »

  • Posted 12/07/2010 03:03:10 EST

     Rex needs to endorse gay porn as his next for sure win. more »

  • Forum Post: McDaniels' future?

    Posted 12/07/2010 12:50:43 EST

     Obrien now gets it, the game has slowed down so no.McDaniels is like moss sorry to say,time to apply at truck driving school. more »

  • Forum Post: Brian Hoyer

    Posted 12/05/2010 10:14:59 EST

     If Brady goes down what can Hoyer do compared to Cassel,is it back to beating okay teams lose to the good. more »

  • Posted 12/01/2010 11:08:52 EST

    Having been in the entertainment industry the press wants there interviews,or stories that is there job, and if you do not give it to them they slag you (spygate).A-to pay you back B-to get paid-they more »

  • Posted 12/01/2010 09:57:55 EST

    In Response to Re: Week 13 NFL Picks, and "Game of the Week": Tex, Admittedly playing a little devil's advocate here. I am a literature, philosophy,and political-history guy. So I won't pretend to lov more »

  • Forum Post: Quick question

    Posted 11/30/2010 02:04:43 EST

    In Response to Re: Quick question: In Response to Quick question : I have a question for you: Why do you have a photo of Underoos and his brother as your avatar? Posted by BBReignsI use to date his mo more »

  • Forum Post: Quick question

    Posted 11/29/2010 10:57:36 EST

     IF Ellis gets hurt where are we,seriously. more »

  • Posted 11/29/2010 01:40:23 EST

    In Response to Re: Let's now analyze the PATS Steelers/Colts wins: In Response to Re: Let's now analyze the PATS Steelers/Colts wins : I wouldn't recommend you use that statement as a fawning adulatio more »

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