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  • Posted 11/26/2014 08:21:12 EST

    In response to seawolfxs' comment: Basically Vegas is saying this is a pick me and givingthe standard 3pts to the home team There are three good units  on the field , the one not so good is GBs defens more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 08:20:08 EST

    So far, so good, keep the greetings going!

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!

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  • Posted 11/26/2014 08:10:24 EST

    In response to zbellino's comment: In response to Bungalow-Bill's comment: [QUOTE] In response to ToneKing's comment: [QUOTE] Is USA Today owned by ESPN? 7 GB's and 6 NE's. Seriously, just stfv. http: more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 08:06:06 EST

    What's his crew known for?  Calling it close, let 'em play? Are they up there in total flags thrown compared to the average?

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!

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  • Forum Post: Brady's Deep Ball

    Posted 11/26/2014 08:01:15 EST

    I don't hit all my long putts every time, but, I drain one once in a while and still carry a single digit handicap. Think of the whole and not nit-pick. The overall results are Brady is one of the bes more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 07:53:08 EST

    In response to ToneKing's comment: I am pretty excited about it, too. 1. Rodgers is probably the league MVP right now and I think our D will be up for the challenge. 2. I just really like the Packers more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 07:49:26 EST

    If it were truly "Brady v Rodgers", I'll take Rodgers as he'll run circles around Brady.  But, this is a team game.. my two cents: Green Bay will have a much tougher time versus the Pats offense than more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 07:30:34 EST

    In response to NY-PATS-FAN4's comment: In response to agcsbill's comment: [QUOTE] I read this piece and it hits home in many areas.  As to this particular matter, the "I'm Confused" hits home.  All th more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 05:14:55 EST

    In response to TSWFAN's comment: Brown was a 300 lb bully and a punk, who robbed a Convienence store and beat up on the owner. He got what was coming to him !!!!!! Not agreeing whole heartedly with th more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 05:08:41 EST

    In response to chrisakawoody's comment: Good post. Happy Turkey Comsumption Day.  May you all split a gut.  Figuratively.  My custom TFB12 avatar rocks and so can yours!  Order before midnight tonight more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 05:01:44 EST

    In response to ToneKing's comment: Anti-Pats media bias. Like I said, ESPN heads tell their panel people what to say. Well, 5 of 7 in the USAToday pick the Pats...  Hmmmmm who tells them what to do? I more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 04:54:11 EST

    He was enthusiastic and laughing when he said that.  Saying Rodgers will slice up the Pats. I think he had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said it. Funny stuff and you never know.  There i more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 04:32:08 EST

    Back to the top.. trying to keep the Thanksgiving wishes in one discussion instead of the multitudes that could occur!

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!

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  • Posted 11/26/2014 04:20:02 EST

    JohnHannah...  so true.  Heard it enough about "over-reaction Monday!" When the Pats lost to KC, they dropped 9 spots in the power poll. When GB lost to NO, only dropped 2, go figure! I've said it bef more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 04:11:21 EST

    In response to Brady2Welker47's comment:   Brady2Welker47 Why hasn't anyone mentioned that cute little Michael (as depicted in that one picture) was a criminal?  Why do people continue challenging pol more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 03:44:56 EST

    4 weeks ago, Green Bay lost badly to the New Orleans Saints.  Since then, they have those two famous 50+ point wins over Chicago and Philadelphia with a close win on the road against the Vikings. Also more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 03:33:19 EST

    I've never really seen the pass rush of the Pats to be particularly impressive compared to other Ds. More often than not, a QB with mobility makes plays on them. But, the Dbacks and coverages they pro more »

  • Forum Post: Classic Belichick

    Posted 11/26/2014 02:50:47 EST

    ... and it is an accurate comparison!!!!  Way to go BB!

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!

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  • Posted 11/26/2014 02:46:31 EST

    I read this piece and it hits home in many areas.  As to this particular matter, the "I'm Confused" hits home.  All the two teens had to do was move to the sidewalk.  What is so difficult to listen to more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 02:34:28 EST

    THANKS, section 136!!

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!

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  • Posted 11/26/2014 02:31:31 EST

    Game time decision if he travels with the team?

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!

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  • Forum Post: Slater Extended

    Posted 11/26/2014 02:29:05 EST

    In response to rkarp's comment: this actually surprised me and then it didn't. the guy is obviously a stud. but the team is tight cap wise, and his deal is on the very high side for even a ST stud. pl more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 02:19:12 EST

    Wishing all of you a happy and safe (if you are traveling) Thanksgiving holiday. If you are traveling in this East coast mess we are experiencing, be safe and careful and reach your destination with a more »

  • Posted 11/25/2014 03:24:44 EST

    Back as "ToneKing"....    the fun continues!

    AGCSBill, just a fan havin' fun!!

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  • Posted 11/25/2014 03:05:32 EST

    In response to pcmIV's comment: Any wagers on what the next name will be? LMAO!!! Does it matter? He'll just plod on with his agenda and will be recognized immediately with his first post. As for a na more »