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  • Posted 01/28/2015 06:49:01 EST

    In response to DonHolman's comment: OK this is getting absurd.  As some already know, NFL referees are not full-time employees.  They work one day a week for the NFL, for which they are paid about $25 more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 03:56:50 EST

    In response to pats-fan-2007's comment: Go Browner! I'm sick of choir boy 100% of the time. I'm onto FU mode now... I think we came out flat the last 2 super bowls.....a little attitude and nastyness more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 07:09:46 EST

    In response to Rocky's comment: You can't do it in that time!   @ProFootballTalk: To deflate 12 footballs in 90 seconds would require a rate of 7.5 seconds per ball, not including time to get balls ou more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 07:00:08 EST

    In response to Muzwell's comment: OK, so we're clear. I'm giving LaFell and Gronk martial arts lessons this week, on how to disable/dislocate elbows and shoulders. I'm paying LaFell a bounty if Sherma more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 06:57:55 EST

      Seattle had S.RIice and B.Edwards outside and Baldwin was the 3rd WR in slot. We are a much better unit on both sides and Brady threw for 400 that day. E/Thomas had the pick late when Wes dropped th more »

  • Forum Post: Mike Reiss.net

    Posted 01/27/2015 06:49:03 EST

    In response to portfolio1's comment: Mike Reiss has always been a stand up guy. I just communicated him via his own site (mike reiss .net or something to that effect). I layed out the ESPN boycott and more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 06:32:29 EST

    In response to NYC's comment: Kraft, in effect, said: the abuse stops now; we are not going to take and we're going to stand up for ourselves. He sent a message to the team and the NFL. The refs can d more »

  • Posted 01/27/2015 06:30:17 EST

    Option 2, the drug addict.

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  • Forum Post: BOYCOTT ESPN

    Posted 01/26/2015 07:32:08 EST

    Good call. I hope this leads to Pats fans everywhere walking with their money in so far as these third rate orgs are concerned.

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  • Forum Post: BOYCOTT ESPN

    Posted 01/26/2015 07:29:54 EST

    Thanks. I have boycotted all ESPN channels since 2007. Now, I am going to cancel my FIOS TV since they don't give me the choice to not have ESPN. Not a dime of my money is going to subsidize that chan more »

  • Forum Post: Bravo BB

    Posted 01/24/2015 05:41:00 EST

      Brilliant PC by BB.  I could not follow that question coming from BB's right where he said couple of times " that's the important question". Anyone hear what that was about? I hope it's a zillion do more »

  • Posted 01/24/2015 06:42:33 EST

    Offense:  1. Keep pounding the middle with Blounte, Bolden and Gray. Try to soften up and see if we can shake up Wagner and or Kam 2. Don't give up if there are no 1st downs in 2-3 series; rely on D t more »

  • Posted 01/18/2015 01:28:41 EST

    In response to ajaym's comment: In response to darwk's comment: [QUOTE] Troy, Ty, Tedy- more than good luck charms. So ready and yes anxious for this game! Can't wait to see what  plays get pulled out more »

  • Posted 01/18/2015 01:27:12 EST

    In response to Rocky's comment: He is/was top LT/RT backup @HolderStephen: I’m not making this up: #Colts offensive tackle Xavier Nixon missed the flight and is listed as out for tomorrow, team repo more »

  • Posted 01/18/2015 01:22:23 EST

    In response to darwk's comment: [QUOTE] Troy, Ty, Tedy- more than good luck charms. So ready and yes anxious for this game! Can't wait to see what  plays get pulled out of the bag of tricks. GO PATS! more »

  • Posted 01/18/2015 01:13:22 EST

    The torch from Manning to Luck has been passed without a doubt. But it will take more than a Manning 'wanna be' to take the brightly burning Brady torch. There was no one like TB and there will never more »

  • Posted 01/18/2015 12:55:51 EST

    With 20-20 hindsight, it is hard to believe our luck with TB. It was just that he almost always got it done, no matter what. What a blast these 14 years have been! I see myself as a TB fan long after more »

  • Posted 01/18/2015 12:41:20 EST

    In response to OlderbutWiser's comment: In response to BabeParilli's comment: [QUOTE] In response to OlderbutWiser's comment: [QUOTE]   IMO it is time for Brady to go too. Time has passed and his play more »

  • Posted 01/17/2015 10:33:39 EST

    In response to TexasPat's comment: In response to agcsbill's comment: [QUOTE] Bad memories all around!!!  Especially that second half and those CALLS!!!      Those calls are the only reason Manning ha more »

  • Posted 01/17/2015 10:27:55 EST

    This is just some pathetic way of pointing out one of few NE failures instead of showing our many successes, like whacking the dolts last 3 times, which may be more relevant than that long since playe more »

  • Forum Post: Wilfork

    Posted 01/17/2015 10:21:37 EST

    Not sure what the issue is? He has gotten slower, but double teamed by two younger guys with combined weight dwarfing his? What do you expect? He will be fine. Just fewer snaps and get him Siliga & Ea more »

  • Posted 01/17/2015 10:12:59 EST

    Why is there any doubt about why the Pats are most hated team? One of seven greatest sin is the reason. 

    All the the more reason for us to love our team even more stridently.


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  • Posted 01/17/2015 08:24:11 EST

    In response to ATJ's comment: In response to BabeParilli's comment: [QUOTE] In response to ATJ's comment: [QUOTE] I see Luck and Indy as a young qb and team still on the rise.  But I, too, don't see L more »

  • Posted 01/17/2015 08:21:54 EST

    In response to zbellino's comment: In response to BostonTrollSpanker's comment: [QUOTE] Cowherd is so irrelevant (no actual information, just his armchair drooling tidbits) that this doesn't even qual more »

  • Posted 01/17/2015 08:19:40 EST

    In response to PhatVirginian's comment: In response to cyncalpatfan's comment: [QUOTE] In response to PhatVirginian's comment: [QUOTE] Well, everyone knows Brady is getting a little older.  He has als more »