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  • Posted 07/31/2013 07:11:52 EDT

    great point - we have just improved a main competiitor for the AL flag for many years - if Detroit wanted cover for peralta we should have sent them drew, moved Ig back to short and recalled middlebro more »

  • Posted 07/31/2013 04:41:48 EDT

    couldnt agree more, this is a terrible deal - 20m for a year and half of peavy agst several years club control of a premium defensive short stop that makes all the pitchers look better. Amazing that t more »

  • Posted 12/14/2012 08:29:17 EST

    if trout had started the season in the majors theyd have won the division, their record after he came up was the best in the AL west. theyve lost greinke haren santana from their rotation and added ha more »

  • Posted 12/14/2012 08:20:16 EST

    victorino i can understand, not a perfect fit 2013 season (cody ross better fit) but we going to need him in centre in 14 and 15 after ells departs. jonny gomes appears to have been signed as the kevi more »

  • Posted 12/14/2012 08:11:28 EST

    this is a really bad idea, past his best, not exactly young, and lit up by the better teams in the AL last season - clearly 26.5m doesnt get you much these days

    more »

  • Posted 08/03/2012 09:54:38 EDT

    why do the umps hate the sox so much ...i mean that was back to back called strike 3 that werent even close more »

  • Posted 04/22/2012 07:01:19 EDT

    the shambles isnt bobby v's fault, although he has done couple of stupid things....having said that he is already wearing that haunted look that he had no idea what he has let himself in for, the absr more »

  • Posted 04/22/2012 07:25:20 EDT

    absolutely correct, he saw what was coming and couldnt leg it fast enough to chicago. dont forget he gave jenks 2/12m or something alongside the mega money for those you mention. nonetheless the winte more »

  • Posted 04/17/2012 10:00:15 EDT

    if you played for texas and didnt hit a homer tonight, you'd be pretty annoyed. more »

  • Posted 04/13/2012 01:54:57 EDT

    In response to "Re: What goes around...": In Response to What goes around... : guv, WADR, in AG's defense..that's just something you have or you don't, like the saying can't teach speed Po more »

  • Posted 04/12/2012 08:12:18 EDT

    Hi beanetowne Finely written response , appreciate your comments. My point on Francona was the way it was handled and he as a long serving manager with historic achievements was dealt with...agree he more »

  • Posted 04/12/2012 02:52:50 EDT

    anyone who actually believes this is a play off team is delusional, bordering on the certifiably mad...this team has more holes than a block of swiss cheese. its ok though , dice k is back and june an more »

  • Posted 04/12/2012 02:48:23 EDT

    crawford is, and will be the worst ever dollar value recruit in this clubs history...not just his raw stats or the cash, or his age.....but also because the knock on effect on ells contract , and the more »

  • Posted 04/12/2012 02:33:23 EDT

    Lets be honest, the owners and management of the sox have the team they deserve....for the way september 2011 was handled, the disgraceful hatchet job on francona, the fact that the team owner didnt e more »

  • Posted 12/15/2011 03:53:08 EST

    couldnt agree more with the original post we need some hard nosed, gutsy, durable, committed ball players, and some hungry youth, not more over paid over pampered multi millionaire show ponies past th more »

  • Posted 11/11/2011 11:07:45 EST

    not only the motte story this year, but also brewers got axford from nowhere to be virtual lights out. they are out there, sox have to find one more »

  • Forum Post: phillies / madson

    Posted 11/10/2011 03:44:29 EST

    the comments above about starting pitching being the priority is absolutely correct.....resources have to be allocated in that direction, and it appears that pap will get more money elsewhere. He will more »

  • Forum Post: phillies / madson

    Posted 11/08/2011 11:13:25 EST

    the sox are going to need jenks to rise, phoenix like, from the ashes and turn the clock back a few years.....otherwise its bard or aceves closing and that just creates another hole elsewhere. cant se more »

  • Posted 11/08/2011 10:23:42 EST

    ben, please, no

    we need to get younger and hungrier, not waste money on past performance. more »

  • Forum Post: phillies / madson

    Posted 11/08/2011 09:58:14 EST

    4 yrs / 44m , option 5th year

    what the *** ?

    phils just blown apart the market for closers, paps and bell will be looking for 13/14m a year....cant see sox handing a closer 4/56. more »

  • Posted 10/20/2011 12:37:35 EDT

    lowrie is only going to be a utility bench player, and he kills left handed pitching which is a big issue in our line up....first 2 motnhs of the season he was our best hitter. scutaro cant play third more »

  • Posted 10/20/2011 12:16:24 EDT

    trade lackey for a position player with a ridiculous salary that the other team would dump, ideally a Right handed outfielder....soriano , wells, rios spring to mind trading beckett would be madness w more »

  • Forum Post: Crawford- Henry

    Posted 10/15/2011 12:04:07 EDT

    In Response to Re: Crawford- Henry: 2) If Henry really didn't want CC here and felt strongly about it , He wouldn't be here. Posted by moonslav59 i agree with honestly think the sox hand o more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 07:52:56 EDT

    In Response to Re: Big Papi dishing on the Red Sox now...???: Cannot see NY signing Papi considering A-Rod's fragile health and Montero's emerging bat. Why take on a 10 million $ contract when they wi more »

  • Posted 10/13/2011 06:44:53 EDT

    the yanks wont be signing papi, they will spending big on starting pitching, and will use DH for montero , and to give aroid tex jeter a rest. before we trash papi lets just remember his place in the more »