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  • Posted 01/31/2012 11:11:46 EST

    I hate bernard poolard. Seriously. I give that guy no respect when it comes to playing football.

    40% or 90%, I think Gronk will play. You have to keep the Giants D thinking.

  • Comment on: 'Thomas’

    Posted 01/24/2012 01:08:30 EST

    Tim did something that many of you are to blinded to see. Now only did he support his team, He supports/supported these entire united states of America. He stuck out his neck and put himself out there more »

  • Posted 01/18/2011 02:47:32 EST

    In Response to Re: 3 straight playoff losses, Pats have become teams we used to make fun of....: Warrior, it is "three in a row," as in three post-season games in a row, three losses. Also, the Pats l more »

  • Posted 01/18/2011 01:50:58 EST

    Not 3 in a row 2008 Pats. Tom Brady ouf for the season. Matt Cassel steps in and the Pats end up going 11-5. The 1st 11-5 season of any team not to make the playoffs.   2009 Pats -  Brady Returns, Pat more »

  • Posted 01/18/2011 12:34:15 EST

    In Response to Re: Thanks for a great year, Patriots!: In Response to Re: Thanks for a great year, Patriots! : I will never stop making excuses.  I will just make fewer of them than most of the other more »

  • Posted 01/18/2011 12:09:53 EST

    In Response to Re: Thanks for a great year, Patriots!: Thank you Pats - Great year. I expected 9-7, maybe 10-6. 14-2? Wow.... Youngest team in football, and more people (15) on IR than any other team more »

  • Posted 01/18/2011 11:30:14 EST

    I had the Pats going 10 - 6 for the regular season, possibly reaching the playoffs. This was a rebuilding year with all the changes that was made. Of course... my thoughts change during the season as more »

  • Posted 01/13/2011 08:15:35 EST

     34 - 16 Pats.

    I have to wonder. With all that's been said. Mostly by the jests. Is it possible that this could be a major upset? more »

  • Posted 01/14/2010 09:05:57 EST

    1st off. Let's Hope Dan Pees regains his health. It's a shame the 1st thing most of you say is good riddance or it's about time. You people are pretty cold hearted fans. Who's to say Dan wasn't stress more »

  • Posted 01/09/2010 08:15:52 EST

    How correct you are and I totally agree. more »

  • Posted 01/09/2010 08:08:25 EST

    I hear what your saying Enoch. I guess to each thier own. I just don't like to set myself up for dissapointment. Deep down I'm hoping for a Superbowl appearance. But I keep the current game in perspec more »

  • Posted 01/09/2010 07:54:48 EST

    I'm hoping he understand the magnitude of this game and focuses on not dropping the ball. Wrap that pigskin up like a new born baby. more »

  • Posted 01/09/2010 07:51:07 EST

    Feagles 31 - 28 more »

  • Posted 01/09/2010 07:42:21 EST

    Please caraway. Your talking blasphemy. One game at a time please. Baltimore... That's all I see. more »

  • Posted 12/11/2009 02:23:10 EST

    Brady has under thrown or over thrown just about everybody this year. Which leads me to believe he is still not 100%. Then again. It could be that he is not getting enough time in the pocket. There co more »

  • Posted 12/08/2009 01:10:26 EST

    In Response to Re: This is the most underachieving team I have ever seen!: Yeah I agree he was getting the ball out quick and beating the blitz 85 % of the time getting it out to Branch, Brown, or Fau more »

  • Posted 11/24/2009 03:37:30 EST

    In Response to Re: How many points do we beat NO by?:

    jumping the gun a little bit... dont you think?
    Posted by FOWLER8196

    Agreed. more »

  • Posted 11/19/2009 11:28:15 EST

    In Response to Re: Can the Pats finish 2nd in the AFC: Revenge in Indy, if they survive their first round, will be sweet!! Posted by agcsbill Let's follow Coach and take this 1 game at a time. I don't more »

  • Posted 11/19/2009 11:04:03 EST

    Probably as much of a chance as Romeo Crennel coming back to coach the defense. I just don't see it happening. Then again. Anything is possible. more »

  • Posted 11/19/2009 10:40:38 EST

    Brown may have not been a #1 receiver, but he played like he should have been drafted at #1. more »

  • Posted 11/19/2009 10:33:38 EST

    Speechless. more »

  • Posted 11/16/2009 09:44:15 EST

    They win as a team and lose as a team. From the kicker to the coach.
    As I fan, I may not always agree with that is called on the field. But that's why I'm a fan and not a coach.
    more »

  • Posted 11/16/2009 09:31:06 EST

    Do the refs deserve some type of fine for their lack of vision? Yes I have heard and read through these forums about refs blowing calls against the Pats for years when playing the Colts. Most times I more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots stink

    Posted 09/22/2009 12:21:53 EDT

    I will refer to all bandwagoners as duck boat fans. This way, when you decide to jump off. You'll be neck deep in water. Swim your butts back to shore and shut the hell up. more »

  • Forum Post: Patriots stink

    Posted 09/22/2009 12:01:05 EDT

    Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame. I can't believe the amount of post on here degrading the Pats and dogging them for only 2 games with 14 more to go. Emotions get the best of fans but this is horrible. Put more »