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  • Forum Post: Hotel

    Posted 04/29/2013 09:02:48 EDT

    Driving up from ny for game 2 sat thinking about milenium bostonian any insight and how longs the walk to the garden from there

  • Posted 02/26/2013 04:47:45 EST

    i allways go when there in town nassau coloseum is a rat hole i agree there but when i saw em in MSG tixx cost me over $400 tonight at the coloseum no brainer $65 for centerice loge row 5 which leave more »

  • Posted 02/26/2013 03:22:34 EST

    Any ny bs fans going tonight

    more »

  • Posted 04/08/2012 02:24:53 EDT

    And again the defending stanley cup champions get the snub of the national broadcasting community more »

  • Forum Post: Rookie Games

    Posted 09/12/2011 08:26:34 EDT

    the game today will not be tellevised in newyork as it is not even open to the public the game tommorow might be tellevised on CSN NY as it is open to the public either way i will be at the game tommo more »

  • Posted 09/07/2011 01:29:10 EDT

    guys ill be at the rookie game against the islanders as i work 5 mins away from nassau coliseum ill report back after the game to let you guys know how it went and how the younger guys look im excited more »

  • Posted 08/31/2011 01:19:23 EDT

    kinda a shot in the dark here but im going to the game at nasau coliseum on the 12th any bruins fans from NY also heading out to the game if so tix are only $10 if your interested if not ill report ba more »

  • Posted 04/15/2011 08:53:28 EDT

    does any one recall durring the season when the bruins we beat by the habs 4-1 all julien preached was dicipline and does every one remember that horror show last night the same game plan was preached more »

  • Posted 04/14/2011 09:54:21 EDT

    did anyone notice the game after the 8-6 win the key that julien stressed was dicipline and they came out uninspired and played dog crap hockey now tonight the key was the same and what do you get ??? more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 09:13:55 EDT

    i got my tix through a ticket broker site executive suite 636 for $191 a piece yesterday i had to lock em up it was too good to pass up espicially if they play the habs have a great time if any one ne more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 03:55:45 EDT

    no guy i live 20 min outside of manhattan there arent many bruins fans here not to mention none of my friends like boston so rather then bring up a group of loudmouth yankee and ranger fans i figured more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 03:05:41 EDT

    I-like-hockey that sounds about rite the best part is i never have to leave my seat some how i found suite tix for the game for the price that balcony seats were going for on stub hub if you want i wi more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 01:23:08 EDT

    i am so amped thanks guys more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 01:20:51 EDT

    sounds like a good plan and in respect to the drinking part thats a no brainer more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 01:16:11 EDT

    lol thanks bailey whats a good place near causeway to go pregame ? more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 12:56:07 EDT

    sorry about that scooter i over reacted a bit there just dont want people to get the wrong idea that im trolling around here but thanks i cant wait for the game hopefully they can put one in the W col more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 12:34:58 EDT

    lol good one scooter not trolling or looking to set up a sting opperation just a bruins fan driving up for the game and figured it would be nice to meet other people who share the same pasion for the more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 11:58:03 EDT

    anyone no takers bueller? bueller? more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 11:56:04 EDT

    hey stanley where are u sitting im also going to game 2 tried to get a post for a pregame party going but no takers so far more »

  • Posted 04/08/2011 11:27:24 EDT

    hey everyone my name is andrew been following you guys but never contributed for like the past 5 seasons i have been a diehard B's fan since birth not kidding 2 days after i was born my pops went to t more »

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