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  • Forum Post: Hamilton

    Posted 10/24/2011 09:49:46 EDT

    I put him inn the TMyers mould and he will be here next year, he does not need his 20th year in the O.

  • Posted 10/24/2011 08:20:23 EDT

    Mikael Samuelsson will be 35 has never played a complete season came close once. Sturm 33 has 1 complete season a few close ones. Reinpr 35 - 1 complete season a few close ones. Booth 27 - 1 complete more »

  • Posted 10/23/2011 06:57:41 EDT

    caps, I know that a lot of people do not like it when you use too many CAPS. Still waiting for someone to get a hat trick so caps can be thrown out on the ice. Stoppers known as caps, keep me from spi more »

  • Forum Post: Hall Pass

    Posted 10/23/2011 06:13:09 EDT

    Seg hits his stride at 19 and Kess at 24.

    TS leads league in +/-, wow, must be driving clod nuts.

    Speed and talent, what a wonderous combination. more »

  • Posted 10/18/2011 12:10:52 EDT

    Yep, knew it Nas posts have sounded more and more like Duinne. Used to think he had her in his trunk, now I believe the opposite. P.S.  Duinne is/was an editor I believe, so Duinne is NAS. March is a more »

  • Forum Post: RAT Night

    Posted 10/06/2011 11:37:52 EDT

    Kess got an assist.

    Cooke will score even strength empty netter on a pen shot to complete the gamut. more »

  • Forum Post: ignore

    Posted 10/06/2011 11:33:16 EDT

    chimney more »

  • Posted 10/06/2011 11:26:20 EDT

    BBQ March scores last of 2011 season and first of 2012, talk about picking it up where you left off.  Seg sweet pass. Sulfur Ryder was sorely missed.  CJ may have a cup but he still sucks. 4th line wi more »

  • Forum Post: Patches and PK

    Posted 10/04/2011 10:33:52 EDT

    Yeah March is a woman abuser, beotch slapping a swedish twin. Just imagine! more »

  • Posted 10/03/2011 10:43:21 EDT

    C'mon Shup you know it was the extra one they bought just in case they signed one named Raffi! more »

  • Posted 10/02/2011 07:25:26 EDT

    Yes Dez I remember this from our group thing of last year, what was it ye Shup and I, wawfully bad as I recall. My problem is my rotation of 14-7 and relying on the camp internet in northern Alberta, more »

  • Forum Post: Boston 2011-12

    Posted 10/02/2011 07:16:12 EDT

    There were a gazillion posts on this 2 years ago on how we would or should improve, we didn't. That was also by subtraction. It is the addition that gets er done. ie Horton Pev and even Kel, so far th more »

  • Forum Post: Extend Thornton

    Posted 10/02/2011 06:49:00 EDT

    As 13th forward please to be used very sparingly. more »

  • Posted 10/02/2011 06:42:56 EDT

    In Response to Re: Who's playing this season?: In Response to Re: Who's playing this season? : "mixed" as in male/female? Sheesh. Last time I went to a new pick up game, I didn't know there were going more »

  • Forum Post: Boston 2011-12

    Posted 10/02/2011 06:39:36 EDT

    Funny but capgeek and Boston website both have Josh Hennessy listed on roster, not sure what is up with this, unless he is on long term injury, if so why was he signed.  Anyone in the know on this. Ro more »

  • Posted 10/02/2011 06:10:41 EDT

    As long as KPD keeps picking the opp, we should be good, if he jumps on the bandwagon, we are doomed.

    Who will be his scapegoat, hope it is not Seg, but noone is safe with kpdouche
    more »

  • Posted 10/02/2011 06:07:29 EDT

    In Response to Re: Sad sad sad sad sad: In Response to Re: Sad sad sad sad sad : What the hell is with these camps that still do not have internet. Most do .....mine didn't. If that happens again it w more »

  • Forum Post: Jared Knight

    Posted 10/02/2011 05:54:57 EDT

    Hoping to see Prov in St.John's this year if and when I am home.  Great rink to watch hockey, been a while since Baby Leafs left. Wish they had been able to get Juniors here as well. Jared get some tu more »

  • Posted 10/02/2011 05:40:22 EDT

  • Posted 10/02/2011 05:38:43 EDT

    Bobblehead Buttman came in 93, must have been a pre condition for him taking over.

    I still hate the rule.  Give an extra penalty if warranted end of story.
    more »

  • Posted 10/02/2011 05:35:17 EDT

    In Response to Re: Sad sad sad sad sad: Bin away from here for awhile, (oil patch) no internet..... Drop the instigator rule and let's get back to hockey the way it was meant to be played. Anybody tha more »

  • Posted 10/02/2011 05:29:34 EDT

    dez I have joined just hope to be able to make picks all year. more »

  • Forum Post: Fedun's leg

    Posted 10/02/2011 02:49:04 EDT

    In Response to Re: Fedun's leg: So Olympic hockey isn't any good? Posted by red75 I love watching O hockey, but in no way is it even close to playoff hockey.  We give the Japanese and Icelanders a dru more »

  • Forum Post: Fedun's leg

    Posted 10/02/2011 02:40:56 EDT

    When u r pusi fyinf the league why have someone like Shan enforce the rules, why not bring in someone like Grets who never thru a hit nor a true punch. Pretty sure when pacifiers like him take over, I more »

  • Posted 10/02/2011 02:13:16 EDT

    San, realisticallty they never had a chance when Pouliot and Clark were brought in.  They do not fit the cj way, they will ply their trades below as many do to save the salaries in the elite. Clark wi more »

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