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  • Posted 08/20/2014 11:52:03 EDT

    I agree on the promotional aspect of Pitchforks message. Take a look at the lineups for the last few Pitchfork festivals, and you will see many of the same names. At least they know their audience, un more »

  • Posted 08/20/2014 10:57:09 EDT

    Pink Floyd

    The Rolling Stones

    Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band








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  • Posted 07/30/2014 11:27:23 EDT

    In response to NowWhatDoYouWant's comment: [QUOTE]  best effort at one that sums up Rock would be Stonese.: Gimme Shelter [/QUOTE] Gimme Shelter would be my pick as well. Honorable mention  All Along more »

  • Posted 07/30/2014 11:14:52 EDT

    Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Tea For the Tillerman - Cat Stevens Unforgettable Fire, Zooropa U2 Born in the USA, Born to Run, Darkness on the edge of Town - Springsteen Little Deuce Coupe, Good Vibrati more »

  • Posted 07/23/2014 11:53:27 EDT


    Planet Telex


    Everything in it's right place

    Packed like Sardines?


    15 Steps


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  • Posted 07/16/2014 12:44:37 EDT

    Los Angeles- X

    Berlin- Lou Reed

    Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison

    Let England Shake - PJ Harvey

    Joshua Tree - U2

    Earth and Sun and Moon(that just about covers it) - Midnight Oil



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  • Posted 06/20/2014 04:08:43 EDT

    In response to yogafriend's comment:   In response to MattyScornD's comment:      Big fan of all the bands mentioned (as I've said before and the other thread) as well as the styles and influences the more »

  • Posted 06/20/2014 04:05:15 EDT

    Have to go with one of the original concept albums, Moody Blues Day's of Future Passed. 

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  • Posted 03/17/2014 10:24:06 EDT

    I am very sorry to hear this. Greg was a unique poster and very nice person.   My condolences to his family, and friends. Emerson Lake and Palmer - Take a Pebble http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPZkivm more »

  • Posted 03/09/2014 09:40:31 EDT

    I have two. I can't make up my mind. The Smiths, Meat is Murder.  The opening riffs of Headmasters Ritual, How Soon is now and Meat is Murder, make this album a classic. Well I wonder may be one of th more »

  • Forum Post: Blur vs. Oasis

    Posted 03/08/2014 06:31:46 EST

    In response to Klaas' comment:  Hfxsoxnut. I'm sure you must of heard Song 2 by Blur. I agree that Oasis is Beatlesque, but I find them to be more a 2nd generation Beatle offshoot. I would say Oasis i more »

  • Forum Post: Music Videos ...

    Posted 03/06/2014 10:09:20 EST

    For those who like ambient and relaxing music


     Everloving- Moby


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  • Posted 03/06/2014 09:06:21 EST

    Four and Twenty - Stephen Stills



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  • Posted 02/27/2014 11:37:07 EST

    Gil Scott Heron - Winter in America


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  • Posted 02/27/2014 11:30:53 EST

    Spanish Bombs - Clash (Yo te quiera infinito, yo te queira, oh mi corazón)

    Black Burning Heart - Keane (Je souhaiterai m'immerger dans les de la mer)



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  • Posted 02/27/2014 11:03:34 EST

    Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan(Yo la Tengo)

    Aimee Mann and Michael Penn

    Victoria Williams and Mark Olsen(Jayhawks)

    Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

    Gavin Rosedale and Gwen Stefani

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  • Forum Post: Concept of covers

    Posted 02/27/2014 04:00:17 EST

    In response to ZILLAGOD's comment:   Perhaps this should be the start of a new thread, but; Who would you say is the most covered artist of the latter 20th century into the 21st century besides Beatle more »

  • Forum Post: Concept of covers

    Posted 02/25/2014 05:36:16 EST

    Nirvana introduced the Meat Puppets and David Bowie to a whole new generation of fans with their acoustic covers of Lake of Fire, and the Man Who Sold the World during their unplugged special. Both ve more »

  • Posted 02/24/2014 02:40:22 EST

    In response to MattyScornD's comment:   In response to devildavid's comment: In response to SonicsMonksLyresVicars' comment: [QUOTE] IMO, mainstream rock/pop music is a joke.  Two superbowls ago, I wa more »

  • Forum Post: I'm only human

    Posted 02/24/2014 01:47:37 EST

    My Iron Lung - Radiohead

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  • Forum Post: 2014

    Posted 02/24/2014 01:37:25 EST

    Morning Phase, Beck's new album



    Looking forward to U2's new album. Also, albums from Fleet Foxes, Death Cab, and Damon Albarn.


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  • Posted 02/24/2014 12:38:44 EST


    Europe 72 - The Dead

    Unforgettable Fire - U2

    Meat Is Murder- Smiths

    People - Hothouse Flowers

    Jar of Flies - Alice in Chains

    Ten - Pearl Jam


    Honorable mention: Kid A Radiohead.




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  • Posted 02/19/2014 05:51:45 EST

    In response to ZILLAGOD's comment:   Now he is "selling" what his newest audience wants to hear...Right Wing propaganda not unlike the Nazis used, to help elect Right Wing Republicans ( because they a more »

  • Posted 02/13/2014 11:45:40 EST

    I guess the question is, do Taylor Swifts fans view her as the music poet of their generation?  Is she that much different from her contemporaries that would allow for such a comparrison. If they do, more »

  • Posted 02/13/2014 04:50:58 EST

    Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

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