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  • Posted 03/04/2015 10:08:24 EST

    I think the Brady bunch has been vindicated... Rusty, more seriuosly, the language we use is important. It actually shapes us and can shape others as well. I know you know this, you seem smart enough; more »

  • Posted 03/04/2015 09:44:48 EST

    Not to be too much of an English languag cop (I know they love them in Quebec) but vindication usually comes after the fact.  Thjis definition is from the dictionary: "To demonstrate or prove the valu more »

  • Posted 03/03/2015 03:02:52 EST

    In response to OatesCam's comment: In response to futbal's comment: Agreed with many points except locker room missed senior leadership but with Max that should help. Mostly disagree with Pasta > Iggy more »

  • Posted 03/03/2015 01:32:46 EST

    In response to bobruins' comment: According to Pierre LeBrun article this is how it went down:   Well, it certainly wasn't for a lack of trying on the part of Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli. When yo more »

  • Posted 03/03/2015 01:12:08 EST

    Agreed with many points except locker room missed senior leadership but with Max that should help. Mostly disagree with Pasta > Iggy; to me Iggy was the best player on the ice a lot last year. I think more »

  • Posted 03/03/2015 09:30:04 EST

    Tampa Bay Tribine Lightening beat reporter Joe Smith wrote that Connolly has been playing sharper lately on the third line and is popular in the locker room. Maybe PC got something here.

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  • Posted 03/02/2015 11:34:35 EST

    Chia made lemonade from a sour premature trade of Boychuck so that's good. To me the interesting question is why did Tampa bail on a 22 year old #6 overall pick? Hope the change of scenery is the cata more »

  • Posted 03/01/2015 06:44:54 EST

    Somebody has to tell Golden State real teams play D --- Go Celtics!!!

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  • Posted 03/01/2015 08:51:12 EST

    In response to Bisson1's comment: I'm glad they didn't give up that much for Vermette. The asking price seems very high. Unless someone is desperate to move a guy at the deadline I don't think much wi more »

  • Posted 02/28/2015 06:08:19 EST

    Great start. Seidenberg skating better and better -- huge for a cup run. Vermette no back check on Marchand goal but he did have a nice view.

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  • Posted 02/28/2015 12:10:45 EST

    He looks like he's figured it out about playing the whole ice. No more pond hockey on his game. He and Pasternac bring the speed the team was missing most of the year. 

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  • Posted 02/27/2015 09:34:45 EST

    Fast skaters get open looks on east-west passes 

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  • Posted 02/26/2015 11:26:32 EST

    In response to MILANlucic17's comment: In response to DaveyN's comment: Chiarelli needs to be traded. Ok. What trades are necessary now? What specific trades would you like to see them make? I can't s more »

  • Posted 02/26/2015 11:11:02 EST

    In response to bobruins' comment: Message from PC “There are a number of trades I could have made [already this season], but as a manager you look at what’s for the betterment of the organization more »

  • Posted 02/26/2015 11:05:24 EST

    The game speeds up after you've been clobbered a few times. He's figuring it out. 

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  • Posted 02/26/2015 10:55:36 EST

    He undervalued Boychuck in the trade market to gain flexibility (time). Didn't work.

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  • Posted 02/22/2015 09:47:42 EST

    Spooner backed check well; in the defensive end he looked ok but somewhat insure. 

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  • Posted 02/22/2015 05:24:54 EST

    Everybody is skating strong. North South hockey.

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  • Posted 02/22/2015 05:08:34 EST

    Carrillo like a Marchand sans talente.

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  • Posted 02/22/2015 12:30:20 EST

    The year is likely shot mainly due to the Boychuck trade. With him IN the line up the D is solid, not scattered. How many more Ws would this have meant? Wow, got a second round pick, what a trade chip more »

  • Posted 02/22/2015 11:49:11 EST

    In response to BadHabitude's comment: In response to JWensink's comment: I want to trust the GM for a lot if reasons...talent evaluation is probably right at the top of the list. I wanted  Seguin gone more »

  • Posted 02/22/2015 08:51:42 EST

    In response to BigBadnBruin's comment: Compare the Toronto/Boston records since the Kessel trade, and explain how that deal is a strike against Chiarelli. Blake Wheeler was a stumbling bumbling offsid more »

  • Forum Post: Paille scratched

    Posted 02/21/2015 10:13:39 EST

    Rearranging deck chairs...hope DK is ok

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  • Posted 02/20/2015 07:01:49 EST

    In response to user_4160947's comment:

    I got another one on a slightly different topic:

    The Legion of Bubkis


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  • Forum Post: Paille scratched

    Posted 02/20/2015 03:20:12 EST

    I like Cunningham on the fourth line. Plays with some heart and less so talent. Reminds me of a poor man's Randy Burridge.

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