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About Me: Avid Red Sox fan since 1957. Sometimes my passion for the Sox causes me to stick my foot in my mouth. I am retired and currently pursuing my dream of being a lazy bum.

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  • Posted 07/26/2014 11:33:29 EDT

    In response to Hfxsoxnut's comment: [QUOTE] Tonight's feature on Red Sox Horror Chiller Theatre: Attack of the Killer LOBsters! Damn have we seen this movie too many times this year.  [/QUOTE] RISP ru more »

  • Posted 07/26/2014 08:27:50 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: [QUOTE] In response to SportsGenius1's comment: [QUOTE] One trade a day until all of the guys with no heart are gone! Then fire JF! Because he's as lazy as so more »

  • Posted 07/25/2014 09:07:32 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: [QUOTE] In response to ampoule's comment: [QUOTE] In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: [QUOTE] In response to ampoule's comment: [QUOTE] In response to B more »

  • Posted 07/24/2014 03:50:16 EDT

    I wouldn't expect us to win a game in Tampa Bay. It is definitely the end now. They had me going after the 14-1 drubbing.

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  • Posted 07/22/2014 03:25:41 EDT

    In response to S5's comment: [QUOTE] What will you bet that this .266 hitter will hit .300 from here on in.  It always seems to happen that the Y's pick someone out of the scrap heap and he produces f more »

  • Posted 07/22/2014 03:23:44 EDT

    In response to J-BAY's comment: [QUOTE] GAME 100!   #RedSox: Holt CF, Pedroia 2B, Ortiz DH, Napoli 1B, Gomes LF, Victorino RF, Drew SS, Bogaerts 3B, Ross C and Peavy RHP [/QUOTE] I'm not sure I like t more »

  • Posted 07/21/2014 09:00:22 EDT

    In response to blingblang's comment: [QUOTE] I hope they are saving for the next 6 games.  It's a win whether they are 2-1 or 15-1.  It is encouraging that they are breaking out finally and playing li more »

  • Posted 07/21/2014 08:49:48 EDT

    This is a extreme beating we are putting on the Jays. Mercy rule?

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  • Posted 07/21/2014 06:34:10 EDT

    In response to bosoxmal's comment: [QUOTE] In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE]     In response to bosoxmal's comment: [QUOTE]   Right now this guy is the absolute model of an MVP. Where more »

  • Posted 07/21/2014 06:33:07 EDT

    In response to bosoxmal's comment: [QUOTE] In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE]   Won two batting titles. One in 60 and the other in 62.     In response to bosoxmal's comment: [QUOTE]   R more »

  • Posted 07/13/2014 08:42:39 EDT

    In response to BogieAt12oclock's comment: [QUOTE] In response to Joebreidey's comment: [QUOTE] 1-Cox was a great manager, but is 73. 2-He played the kids, but he didn't make his lineups based on what more »

  • Posted 07/13/2014 04:03:34 EDT

    There it is again; walk Drew to load the bases. Great strategy!

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  • Posted 07/13/2014 04:00:24 EDT

    See, excellent strategy. Every team playing the Sox should adhere to this strategy.

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  • Posted 07/13/2014 03:59:11 EDT

    I like this strategy by Houston; walk the bases loaded. They know the Sox hate to do anything with RISP.

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  • Posted 07/12/2014 11:23:07 EDT

    In response to ctredsoxfanhugh's comment: [QUOTE] Gomes has no business being in there VS. RHP.....far from he should be DFA'd. He still smashes LHPers, and teams are going to be interested in a guy w more »

  • Posted 07/12/2014 11:18:27 EDT

    In response to Javi60's comment: [QUOTE] Farrell always a step behind, now Peavy starts the 8th... A one run loser perfectionist! God is he on 2016 plans?... [/QUOTE] Farrell is a Tito clone. Unf more »

  • Posted 07/12/2014 05:51:10 EDT

    Great decision by Farrell to pencil Gomes into the lineup. He brings a lot to the table, not.

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  • Posted 07/12/2014 05:00:12 EDT

    Ah, good old Peavy. We won't hit this junk ball lefty so I would have to figure the game is about over.

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  • Posted 07/12/2014 03:49:59 EDT

    In response to Javi60's comment: [QUOTE] In response to redsoxpride34's comment: [QUOTE] Lets start with todays line up, he has ross hitting 6th and betts 9th? Ross is easily the worst hitter on the t more »

  • Posted 07/11/2014 11:41:44 EDT

    This is only the third time this year the Sox have won 3 or more games in a row. They had the seven game winning streak and a three game win streak against the Twins in the middle of June.

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  • Posted 07/11/2014 10:23:27 EDT


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  • Posted 07/11/2014 10:20:56 EDT

    I'm starting to get excited again watching the Red Sox. Bradley 2 hits, Holt 2 hits, Vasquez 3 hits. Let the kids play!

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  • Posted 07/11/2014 10:16:28 EDT

    Wow, we have a catcher who can hit. Haven't had one of those since Carlton Fisk.

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  • Posted 07/11/2014 09:56:32 EDT

    What's with all the removed posts? Did someone who is banned try to post?

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  • Posted 07/11/2014 09:51:01 EDT

    Lackey might last one more inning. Farrell needs to get someone ready in the bullpen but I'm sure he won't and will let the lead slip away. Blame it on love, blame it on God above, He gave us hearts a more »