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  • Posted 02/07/2012 03:34:05 EST

    how the hell can you let a bunch of imbeciles get under your skin to that extent? she is a spoiled baby. And were it you after the game, being taunted for wearing a Brady jersey, you would have ignore more »

  • Posted 12/27/2011 03:35:40 EST

    So you're picking the Ravens to beat the Patriots at the Razor? I'm not sure they will get past the Steelers. True, they did win both regular season games. But usually the Steelers have their number o more »

  • Posted 12/27/2011 09:24:49 EST

    5 - West Division to beat Pittsburgh and Houston to beat the other West Division. Us to beat. 6 - The Pats to beat that wild card and Houston to beat Baltimore 7 - The Pats to beat Houston 8 - Both GB more »

  • Posted 12/19/2011 11:28:04 EST

    There are certain players who always get the press. Sometimes it's for positive things, sometimes negative. That's what it's like for Tebow. The same way Peyton Manning would get all the headlines...w more »

  • Posted 12/16/2011 03:23:19 EST

    The Broncos aren't dead, they are still very much alive and kicking! They are leading their divison, and I don't see the Raiders overcoming them. The Colts, on the other hand, are not only dead...but more »

  • Forum Post: Is Tebow an alien?

    Posted 12/16/2011 03:15:10 EST

    Great story, Glen! Only one question...where can I get some of that good stuff you've been smoking??? more »

  • Forum Post: Another sick story

    Posted 12/16/2011 03:12:29 EST

    In Response to Re: Another sick story: In Response to Re: Another sick story : You just assume that what the guy said is the truth. Maybe he got his as* kicked for something else & is a vengeful SOB w more »

  • Forum Post: Another sick story

    Posted 12/16/2011 08:42:28 EST

    In Response to Re: Another sick story: In Response to Re: Another sick story : You need to take your panties off & put on a pair of pants. Being PC is what is ruining this country. Posted by xxxcrwn W more »

  • Posted 10/11/2011 05:22:23 EDT

    Power rankings are just something these guys made up to fill in air time! If (as it suggests) that these teams would be the toughest to play against, then I would concede the Lions the #2 spot. You re more »

  • Posted 10/11/2011 05:12:21 EDT

    Of course UD (were he here) would say that last proves Manning is the better QB...his team's utter FAILURE when he's not there. And paint Tom Brady as a "system" QB! Though, that being said, he'd conv more »

  • Posted 10/08/2011 08:30:40 EDT

    Sounds to me like UD is a bit frustrated! Not that I blame him...it must be hard to realize your team may not win a game all season! I remember being the same way back in the 70s when the Patriots wer more »

  • Posted 10/05/2011 06:07:17 EDT

    Danny Woodhead certainly cannot be "replaced" by one guy. What he does in the offense is unique. Faulk can't come back yet, and we don't know how well he'll do when he does. But the big issue the Jest more »

  • Posted 09/30/2011 06:20:21 EDT

    my only fault with your statement is that the Pats said the same thing before the Giants held them to 14 points in feb 2008 Point taken...but irrelevant. The Giants at the time had the best defense in more »

  • Posted 09/26/2011 05:01:32 EDT

    Well, I'm still sticking to what Brady would say...it was a team effort to meltdown that badly! Brady certainly made some bad throws. Unless Woodhead was wearing an 87 jersey, the throw that got picke more »

  • Posted 09/06/2011 06:44:05 EDT

    It's mere guessing at this point, as everyone is 0-0. But I think the Ravens, Chargers, and Jets are the biggest threats. The Steelers lost the SB, and that may affect them. It sure did last time. Eve more »

  • Posted 09/06/2011 06:25:04 EDT

    In Response to Re: Darius Butler Released!!!!!!!!!!!!: All these failed high draft picks and people still get upset when Bill trades the high picks away for multiple ones in later rounds Posted by pat more »

  • Forum Post: Want a good laugh?

    Posted 09/05/2011 10:23:14 EDT

    Well, if not winning the SB is a "fail" as you call it, then 31 teams are failures every year! And you should know having the "best" player in the league does not guarantee a championship! There have more »

  • Posted 09/05/2011 10:10:31 EDT

    I don't know how much stock to put into the article. We all know how it is when they cite "unnamed sources"! If true this will be devastating to the Colts. Though Kerry Collins is not a bad QB, he's o more »

  • Forum Post: Want a good laugh?

    Posted 09/05/2011 09:44:29 EDT

    The only thing I laugh about is you, Babe! By now I'm sure we all know how much you dislike BB. Funny thing is, though, that there are still a lot of draft picks on the 2011 defense. Sure, he's brough more »

  • Posted 09/01/2011 07:49:43 EDT

    Another INT for McCourty! more »

  • Posted 09/01/2011 07:47:25 EDT

    Looks like Vince and Albert are getting some push to the QB, first play a turnover...first and goal at the one! For myself I want to see Brady play at least a quarter and get his rhythm. Even when he more »

  • Forum Post: GMEN!!!!

    Posted 08/26/2011 05:18:52 EDT

    In Response to Re: GMEN!!!!: HEY!!! This is a JETS vs GMEN thread so you can stay out!!!  You add nothing useful to this thread and I wish the mods would just ban you.  someone report him, what a trol more »

  • Posted 07/19/2011 05:38:50 EDT

    1. Super Bowl 42. I think I need say no more. 2. 2006 AFCCG in Indy. Thinking Miami at halftime then the collapse. I remember thinking "where's Willie to stop Addai?" The only way that season could ha more »

  • Posted 07/17/2011 02:40:31 EDT

    Sure, Wes isn't going to badmouth the guy. But he was telling it like it is. We all know Tate has talent. What Wes mentioned was that he needed consistency. He didn't "heap praise" on him. Tate will n more »

  • Posted 07/11/2011 05:29:24 EDT

    I happen to think they could have one of the best secondaries in the NFL. Last year they were great at times. But when given 10 seconds or more, even Sanchez can look like Joe Montana! Any time the op more »

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