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  • Posted 01/29/2015 08:36:20 EST

    In response to sycophant123's comment: In response to DaCeltics' comment: This is one of those drafts where you want 2 firsts out of the top 15, and 1 in the top 5!   We are in the 10 spot right now! more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 08:17:05 EST

    This is one of those drafts where you want 2 firsts out of the top 15, and 1 in the top 5!

    We are in the 10 spot right now!

    We need Towns and Russell!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Forum Post: jackson

    Posted 01/29/2015 07:58:54 EST

    Marcus Smart is our Reggie Jackson, hopefully.

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  • Posted 01/29/2015 07:04:04 EST

    In response to FierceBrand's comment: In response to DaCeltics' comment: Dieng is only playing four more minutes per game. Kelly is shooting under 70% from the line. That is very poor for a player who more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 06:13:55 EST

    In response to CubanPete's comment: Surprisingly, Olynyk has rated pretty good on RPM for centers this season... RPM (Centers) Olynyk +2.16 (10th) Dieng -1.39 (50th) WAR (Centers) Olynyk 2.81 (9th) Di more »

  • Posted 01/29/2015 10:18:51 EST

    So far I would have to say yes. This because Diengs scoring is there, his assists are there, but his rebounding and shot blocking are much, much better. As is his low post scoring. I hope Kelly turns more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 08:48:32 EST

    Yes he is. I like players that dunk n go nuts! Great and tame player Anthony Davis is.

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  • Posted 01/26/2015 12:40:24 EST

    In response to cole-ely's comment: the idea is that they won't be so young by the time we're ready to compete I don't know about that. Belinelli and Danny Green are better two way players than anyone more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 11:56:30 EST

    In response to painter's comment: In response to DaCeltics' comment: [QUOTE] The Mutombo's, Shawn Bradleys, Manute Bols, Mournings, Shaqs that just wowed you with their size and skills. I wasn't aware more »

  • Posted 01/26/2015 11:25:03 EST

    You should never have ALL young guys if you want to win. So picking up the right young veterans could be nice.

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  • Posted 01/25/2015 10:39:54 EST

    I think if you can have someone like Smart or Young or Olynyk take a quantum leap and you add solid solid A level role players like Belinelli or Danny Green, then you are ready to start building. Espe more »

  • Posted 01/25/2015 06:58:09 EST

    They can't match everyone. They have to pay a lot of guys.

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  • Posted 01/25/2015 06:37:41 EST

    Offer Kawhi Leonard the Max.

    Offer Danny Green or Marco Belinelli 7 mil.

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  • Posted 01/25/2015 04:26:06 EST

    They need to forget about the big names unless they want to overpay. Go after Hassan Whiteside at 6-8 mil per. That should snag him. Get Kaminsky and Towns if at all possible. Play inside out and get more »

  • Posted 01/24/2015 04:10:53 EST

    Tree bit Ainge. It is also on youtube.

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  • Posted 01/24/2015 11:54:38 EST

    Watch Ainge vs Mario Elie on youtube.

    I love it!! The good old days!

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  • Posted 01/24/2015 11:30:01 EST

    There are still great players we've never seen before just not as many. Not as many players that wow you like that Ginoboli pass this week. Tons of players used to make plays like that in the 90's. Ev more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 02:20:18 EST

    The Celtics stunk the entire 90's but the NBA was never better to me for that decade. I'm depressed.  The quality of the games and players is waaaay down. There used to be scuffles in the preseason! N more »

  • Posted 01/23/2015 11:10:57 EST

    I would rather watch replays of 80's and 90's games than some games today.   The game has no personality anymore.    Where are the "Bad Boys", "Showtime", Run TMC, Barkley's who intimidated and entert more »

  • Posted 01/20/2015 07:56:07 EST

    Yeah, all the guys I didnt mention. Ha ha!

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  • Posted 01/19/2015 07:08:31 EST

    In response to BirdLewsBias' comment: I hate when you compare someone to a player that you mean the guy is as good as the Pro you're comparing to is at the moment. Give these young guys time to grow. more »

  • Posted 01/19/2015 03:13:24 EST

    Hey, I remember what Duncan looked like in college so if I see similarities,  I see similarities!

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  • Posted 01/19/2015 10:28:21 EST

    Big K.A.T.-Karl Towns is Tim Duncan in the making.   D'Angelo  Russell- The way he can handle and shoot it off the bounce has Steph Curry WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!!!   Justise Winslow- The best perimeter t more »

  • Posted 01/12/2015 11:12:19 EST

    We could be looking good next year at the 4/5: 4-Sully, Kelly, Whiteside (mobile enough) 5-Zeller, Whiteside, Karl Anthony Towns All bigs can run the floor well and most can pass, some can elevate. Al more »

  • Posted 01/12/2015 11:00:06 EST

    Whiteside never fell to us. I would not have taken him over Avery Bradley, that's for sure. I thought he was a bust for sure. He sure took a long time to make his presence felt.  He has something our more »