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  • Posted 03/26/2015 11:15:07 EDT

    In response to cole-ely's comment: I guarantee you DWade ducked this game. After seeing Smart and Bonner, and knowing we have a genuine tough guy in Gerald Wallace that believes in old school retribut more »

  • Posted 03/25/2015 11:04:49 EDT

    Thomas is not healthy yet.

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  • Posted 03/23/2015 12:03:29 EDT

    In response to BirdLewsBias' comment:

    Keep Zeller, trade Olynk

    Amen. Zeller is not a starting center, but he is better than Olynyk.

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  • Forum Post: turner pressy

    Posted 03/23/2015 11:47:43 EDT

    In response to CablesWyndBairn's comment: I think Turner does OK.  He doesn't look to the drive and kick, more often he drives and either takes a mid-range shot or he looks to pass to the post.  He ha more »

  • Posted 03/23/2015 09:31:49 EDT

    The best free agent 3 and D player on the market this summer is Danny Green. The best Ray Allen impersonator on the market this summer is Marco Belinelli. The best star in need of a new home is Kevin more »

  • Posted 03/23/2015 09:00:03 EDT

    I think, just like last year, we need better offensive players. Very RELIABLE ones. Reliable from wherever. The paint prefered. Then from deep then from midrange. And bigger bigs! Points in the paint more »

  • Posted 03/21/2015 11:33:11 EDT

    I say we only sign Jerebko if we cant get Bass back. I think we should add all 4 draft picks and drop Pressey and Datome. Datome and Jerebko are not better than Bass and Young is the future, not Datom more »

  • Posted 03/21/2015 11:27:07 EDT

    If our 1st pick is in the top 15- WCS or Kaminsky or Lyles   Our second 1st rounder- Dekker or Hunter or Petteway Our 1st 2nd- Petteway or Johnson or Harrison Our second 2nd- Johnson or Harrison or Ja more »

  • Posted 03/21/2015 05:11:34 EDT

    Smart is on a self destructive path right now. Elbowed Payton in the face, cleverly head butted Westbrook while driving, and now punched Bonner in the nutsack.

    He is frustrated about something. 

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  • Posted 03/21/2015 12:52:43 EDT

    Not to make excuses, but that cheap shot was VERY DWade like. D Wade hasnt been hurt by ALL his cheap shots has he?

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  • Posted 03/21/2015 07:29:47 EDT

    RJ has firmly put himself into the first round is all I know. Now my dilemma is who is better? Dekker or Hunter for the late first round pick? Good problem to have. Because I think James Young is our more »

  • Posted 03/20/2015 07:58:27 EDT

    How about that RJ Hunter? What did I tell you guys?

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  • Posted 03/19/2015 04:05:59 EDT

    In response to RSPCB73's comment: In response to DaCeltics' comment: Great Finesse beats Great Physicality. Examples: Russell over Chamberlain, Olajuwan over Shaq, Iverson over everybody, Jordan over more »

  • Posted 03/19/2015 08:38:47 EDT

    Great Finesse beats Great Physicality. Examples: Russell over Chamberlain, Olajuwan over Shaq, Iverson over everybody, Jordan over everybody. Datome is a finesse type player. The mind is the greatest more »

  • Posted 03/19/2015 08:33:04 EDT

    He missed one shot, a three, cold from the bench. Meanwhile Crowder keeps throwing the ball to OKC!

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  • Posted 03/19/2015 12:23:24 EDT

    With all this lousy shooting (except Smart) where was Datome?

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  • Posted 03/18/2015 06:04:00 EDT

    Danny Ainge, too. Love has to be done in Cleveland. He would great, great, great for us.

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  • Posted 03/17/2015 06:37:13 EDT

    We've been winning without Isaiah and it doesnt mean we are better without him. That little guy should be starting. He has already earned the right. He WANTS to start, and that is all that matters.  Y more »

  • Posted 03/17/2015 12:20:50 EDT

    In response to xxcodyfxx's comment:

    Thomas AB Zeller Bass crowder

    Crowder is good but I think Datome is the more reliable passer and floor spreader.

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  • Posted 03/17/2015 11:43:29 EDT

    I like some of the Andre Miller type points in the paint that Smart has been manufacturing.  I know he has it in him.  He needs to study "Andre Miller- Savvy Scorer" on youtube. That is his best offen more »

  • Posted 03/17/2015 11:36:46 EDT

    Turner can come off the bench and run the offense for this group and be the penetrator against back-ups. Smart-Turner-Crowder-Jerebko-Olynyk Jerebko, Smart, Crowder and Olynyk keep the paint open for more »

  • Posted 03/17/2015 11:16:28 EDT

    Thomas(3), Bradley(3), Datome(3),Bass(mid range/slash),Zeller(mid range/post/slash) Thomas creates space for everyone to get open, and the other four create space for Thomas to attack. Datome just kno more »

  • Posted 03/11/2015 02:13:56 EDT

    I am also very curious about Jaiteh. Of course WCS is my Towns consolation prize.

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  • Posted 03/11/2015 11:50:32 EDT

    It is a dilemma. Bass is currently better than Sully and KO on the durability scale. He is better than Jerebko and Datome as well. It is a tough call.I would trade anyone on the roster to land D'Angel more »

  • Forum Post: Whiteside

    Posted 03/10/2015 10:55:32 EDT

    I think he is still young and dumb, but he is still playing hard. I can work with that. Miami is trying to chase away bidders for his services by exposing his faults,  imo.


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