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  • Posted 06/19/2010 03:54:10 EDT

    @bonitated: During the 18 tournaments that have been held, seven national teams have won the title. Brazil (5), Italy (4), Germany (3), Uruguay (2), Argentina (2), England (1) and France (1)... I did more »

  • Forum Post: Wilfork EXTENSION

    Posted 03/05/2010 07:27:25 EST

    UPDATE (7:16 p.m.): @mrs75 (Bianca Wilfork) just Tweeted: "Thanks to everyone who has supported us during our time here in new england it has ment a great deal to us ... With that being said we are pl more »

  • Forum Post: Wilfork EXTENSION

    Posted 03/05/2010 07:23:34 EST

    And it makes one of their most committed players happy, which should help in the locker room. Big Vince did it the right way, he honored his contract, and he was rewarded.  I am so happy they were abl more »

  • Posted 02/12/2010 07:34:50 EST

    In Response to Re: Whitlock`s Top 10 QBs of all-time: russgriswold, i love the pats, its easy to say he only should have won 2 mvps but its 4 and no other player NFL history has done that. bradys supe more »

  • Posted 02/12/2010 06:09:26 EST

    Add to that, 29 free agents on their team! How many are they able to keep? I don't think many people realize how difficult it is to keep a team together, and be consistently good in the world of free more »

  • Posted 02/12/2010 03:58:06 EST

    I'm from Argentina - I have lived in Sweden, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Colombia and have been in Boston since 1996. more »

  • Posted 02/10/2010 08:05:24 EST

    In Response to Re: Polian Throws OL and Wayne Under the Bus to Shield Peyton: "That would only be fair since he calls tha plays and has the ball more than any other Colt player. " Which absolves him o more »

  • Posted 02/07/2010 09:59:00 EST

    The ONLY turnover of the game belongs to Manning... nothing says clutch more than having the ONLY turnover the moment your team needs you the most. more »

  • Posted 02/07/2010 09:48:06 EST

    So is the choke artist still the best ever! more »

  • Forum Post: Sick of

    Posted 02/07/2010 11:23:31 EST

    I don't even click on the articles anymore... I basically just go to to get to this forum, but I skip the articles. I read Reiss blog & to stay up to date on Pats, and read P more »

  • Posted 02/07/2010 11:17:28 EST

    Snowboarding until the snow is gone and they kick us off the mountain... and then figuring out a new adventure for the summer! more »

  • Posted 02/07/2010 08:40:33 EST

    I would say that not punting the ball actually means that BB has more faith in Brady making it, than Dungy has in Manning making. So basically Dungy is saying that he does not believe that Manning can more »

  • Posted 02/06/2010 04:49:53 EST

    He is a sports writer in Boston b/c people keep reading his articles and then commenting on them... which means page views, which means ad revenue! I chose a long time ago to no longer read his articl more »

  • Posted 02/06/2010 04:43:09 EST

    UD, I usually do not respond to you as I hope someday you will just go away... but instead of just calling Tom Curran an apologist, how about you tell what he wrote that is wrong? Do the pats not have more »

  • Posted 02/06/2010 04:28:12 EST

    I would say that not punting the ball actually means that BB has more faith in Brady making it, than Dungy has in Manning making. So basically Dungy is saying that he does not believe that Manning can more »

  • Posted 01/24/2010 05:43:11 EST

    And yet, here you are in a Pats forum!!! more »

  • Posted 01/24/2010 01:04:35 EST

    I don't go that far back! I moved to Boston from Argentina in January of 1996 - yup, moved from 90 degrees right into a 3-day blizzard! I came up for College and I had some good friends from the area more »

  • Posted 01/17/2010 07:12:30 EST

    maninCA, I usually just ignore trolls like you, but you are getting really annoying. How about you go to the following article are read all the comments: more »

  • Forum Post: Flags for Colts!

    Posted 01/16/2010 10:24:56 EST

    THIS IS A JOKE! more »

  • Posted 01/11/2010 11:49:15 EST

    TP, I have really enjoyed your write-ups, and even though some "hurt" to read, I have learnt tremendously from them. I got into football when I moved from Argentina to the US in January 1996 - one of more »

  • Forum Post: Thanks Pats!

    Posted 01/10/2010 05:05:53 EST

    I second that ccsjl... may everyone who's coming back, get healthy and come back ready for another run. more »

  • Posted 01/10/2010 04:02:55 EST

    I agree agcsbill... it seems that unless they blow teams out, this board is full of "they s.uck" comments. I am sad they lost today... but I loved what I saw out of Edelman, and REALLY REALLY hope Wes more »

  • Posted 01/10/2010 02:13:15 EST

    nice return there Edelman! COme on guys... lets get 7! more »

  • Posted 01/10/2010 02:05:49 EST

    INTERCEPTION! more »

  • Posted 01/10/2010 01:57:34 EST

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