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  • Posted 06/25/2015 09:27:00 EDT

    They are stupid and clueless.


    This team deserves whatever it gets.










    "There's a turd in the punchbowl."

  • Forum Post: Nic Batum traded

    Posted 06/24/2015 09:23:56 EDT

    MJ was the greatest player ever. His ineptitude at running a team is becoming legendary, however. Gifford was a moron for keeping Vonleh on the bench. Batum is overpaid and is coming off a mediocre se more »

  • Posted 06/24/2015 01:08:30 EDT

    Randive won't trade Cousins, who has 3 seasons remaining on his contract.  I'm no fan of Randive, but I agree with him here. That said he screwed up his own team when fired Malone and hired Karl, who' more »

  • Posted 06/24/2015 01:03:37 EDT

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment: Smart, 16 and 28 for Noel and #3.  Per hoopshype.  Can't say I blame them, with the uncertainty of Embiid.  Danny would take Russell in that case, right?       " more »

  • Posted 06/23/2015 09:56:29 EDT

    Jimmer's played on 3 teams and he's been in the league 4 years. He can't rebound, is TO prone, seldom gets to the line, and his 3pt shot is mediocre at best. Other than that, his game is just fine. Co more »

  • Posted 06/23/2015 09:50:50 EDT

    In response to FierceBrand's comment: Some here are not sure if Ainge can pull it off.   I don't think Ainge can pull it off if it only means giving the 16 and 28 picks.   Ainge will offer more to mov more »

  • Posted 06/23/2015 09:48:10 EDT

    In response to BrandBreaker8's comment: will everyone concede that getting into the playoffs had no affect on their ability to draft a meaningful player?   As long as he doesn't overpay despite our ab more »

  • Posted 06/23/2015 09:44:52 EDT

    In response to sycophant123's comment: At this point I think the odds are pretty good the Celtics are going to move up in the draft. We shall see.       Chris Mannix ✔@ChrisMannixSI Boston has discu more »

  • Posted 06/23/2015 09:43:12 EDT

    In response to BirdLewsBias' comment: Sellout for Cousins first. If it doesn't work out in a straight trade, get in on a 3 way deal with Kings and Magic To Boston - Vucevic or Cousins To Kings - Vucev more »

  • Posted 06/22/2015 02:07:11 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment: Teams want to trade down! That should tell you something!   Last year, the Nuggets traded the 11th pick to the Bulls for 16th and 19th. This draft is stronger. The N more »

  • Posted 06/22/2015 01:37:10 EDT

    To clarify, I love Okafor and I wouldn't pass judgment on him after what he's accomplished as an 18 year old at Duke. KAT is just so much better than him right now. That's not his fault.   "There's a more »

  • Posted 06/22/2015 01:35:21 EDT

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment: Karl Anthony Towns is projected to go #1   Okafor #2.   Okafor is more ready offensively, (51% FT;s)  - they say   Towns has bigger upside and is more ready defe more »

  • Posted 06/22/2015 01:27:07 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment: I will say this, he has a lot of LaMarcus Aldridge in his game.  For whatever that is worth. What has LA won? If he can score like Aldrige, he will be compared to Ga more »

  • Posted 06/22/2015 01:24:54 EDT

    In response to DaCeltics' comment: The guy can hit a 3. The guy can block shots.    But where are his above the rim plays offensively?   What does he do when defended at the 3? Turn it over most likel more »

  • Posted 06/20/2015 05:01:07 EDT

    In response to 42dunk's comment: In response to teejaytee70's comment: In response to 42dunk's comment: 1. Joel Embiid   2. Third pick in this years draft.   Note:  Philly would have had a first round more »

  • Posted 06/20/2015 04:54:41 EDT

    In response to dantebichette's comment: 16 and 28 to move up 4 spots? to get Turner who may be there at 16 anyways? And a 2nd on top of it? I dont like that trade at all...this team is void of talent, more »

  • Posted 06/20/2015 04:46:09 EDT

    In response to wonderdrums' comment: I'm going to have to disagree. There has to be the right combo of trades, FA's , draft picks, mixed in with some of the talent on the current roster to be in the t more »

  • Posted 06/20/2015 04:42:59 EDT

    In response to dannycater's comment: HF, I agree, except if you look at the Sox players in general, how many suck with RISP? RBI is the most overrated stat. A bad hitter will likely fail with RISP. Th more »

  • Forum Post: Embiid

    Posted 06/17/2015 03:35:07 EDT

    In response to BrandBreaker8's comment: In response to CubanPete's comment: In response to BrandBreaker8's comment: Sixers may need another big in this draft too ... LOL!!!   We should have tanked and more »

  • Forum Post: IGGY wins MVP

    Posted 06/17/2015 03:32:05 EDT

    The Warriors should be a template for the Cs to follow. It's easier to find a backcourt star and build with a smaller lineup than it is to find a franchise big man. If that's the case, Danny needs to more »

  • Forum Post: BOSTON'S ROSTER

    Posted 06/17/2015 03:28:00 EDT

    In response to TommyRulesMtrax's comment: In response to hedleylamarr's comment: Who, right now, today, do the lakers have???? "Climb on my back, boys, and I'll take you home." - Cedric Maxwell "You s more »

  • Forum Post: WCS not toooo much

    Posted 06/17/2015 02:17:55 EDT

    In response to CablesWyndBairn's comment: I think WCS fits on either a growing team or a contender.  To me, he is the kind of player that'll do the dirty work (rebound, play D, block shots, get garbag more »

  • Forum Post: Embiid

    Posted 06/17/2015 02:13:16 EDT

    Embiid has maturity issues. He's put on weight and had a blowout with str/cond coach. Yes, his injury is serious, but he was still worth t more »

  • Forum Post: Embiid

    Posted 06/17/2015 02:07:30 EDT

    In response to BrandBreaker8's comment: Sixers may need another big in this draft too ... LOL!!!   We should have tanked and been just like them ... how rewarding! They have the 3rd pick in the upcomi more »

  • Posted 06/17/2015 01:58:09 EDT

    In response to BostonTS' comment: "Had the C's not made the playoffs, Love may not have been injured. If Love was playing in the Bulls series, Irving may not have had to pick up the slack and gotten i more »

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