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About Me: Love the arts, theater, opera, ballet, classical music, jazz, 89.7 and Channel 2 WGBH, Channel 4 and 1030 WBZ.

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    Posted 07/08/2011 04:56:48 EDT

    Secure Communities only has the effect of discouraging people from reporting a crime if they think they will be deported. Nothing else. Eliminate Secure Communities, and witnesses to a crime will feel more »

  • Posted 07/08/2011 04:47:34 EDT

    You are 100% correct Devens-69, he does. He is a good king. Thank you for posting this. more »

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    Posted 07/05/2011 04:54:04 EDT

    Thanks, Kevin, for this very well written article.
    more »

  • Posted 10/04/2009 03:07:38 EDT

    Personally, I agree with the original version of "Dawn of the Dead" as the best zombie movie ever.  The thought of the entire world succumbing to the zombie hordes made me shiver.  It had a thread of more »