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  • Posted 09/10/2011 08:47:52 EDT

    Wakefield makes Fister look like the greatest pitcher in baseball history.

  • Posted 09/10/2011 06:43:17 EDT

    OUT OF THIS WORLD NUMBERS!!!! Not against LP, and inferior to a number of players v RP. Red Sox need elite v LP slugger in OF. Ellsbury and a career year being overhyped aint it, and aint ever going t more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 06:35:26 EDT

    Rest him up for 2012 and go with iron man Lowrie. more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 06:02:22 EDT

    Every player needs to be MRId for irregularity. more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 06:00:40 EDT

    Nice to see he isnt buying harness excuse and management early coast and rest up mode. more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 05:59:01 EDT

    Lowrie when healthy can hit. He didn't "revert back to career norm" when healthy.                      Lowrie can not hit Rhp, and career nor proves it. As lp, his career averages arent good enough fo more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 05:53:20 EDT

    Important to be cautious this time of year. Pedroia could use a week off, and Wastefield could use a career off. more »

  • Forum Post: Poor Tim Wakefield

    Posted 09/10/2011 05:51:20 EDT

    A lot of college pitchers would be more affective than Wastefield.  

    more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 05:45:19 EDT

    I was opposed to offering Lackey more than 3 years and 30, and wanted Bedard and harden signed to one year deals. This board of losers applauded the Lackey 80M contract. I wanted none of the Big 3 FA  more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 05:10:43 EDT

    Wake stinks. DiceK was an integral part of 2007 divison and title team, as well as 2008 ALCS 7 game loser team. Wastefield is the face of 2003 ALCS homer playoff loss. Wastefield hasn't won a single g more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 05:03:38 EDT

    The position you held this year was Lowrie was proving me wrong by showing good health. He broke down about a week after you boasted that my position on fragile Lowire was proven wrong. Two board bull more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 05:01:01 EDT

    harnut has been harping about Scutaro's washed up arm all season. You two booohbs were boasting about Jed Lowrie. Scutaro had a career high in 2009 and played 140 plust games. If plenty of rest meant more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 04:47:00 EDT

    Take it out of Theo's pay and send the two to the Cubs. Regardless of whether this team plays well in post season, Theo needs to be fired for long term value reasons. more »

  • Posted 09/10/2011 04:38:41 EDT

    religious nut-case And the angry bigoted dim bulb thinks that all of this MRI and weeks of 6 man monte was simply circumstance. It was early coast and rest mode, which didn't stop the prade to the inj more »

  • Posted 09/09/2011 04:21:30 EDT

    You have one fat old man. He loses X number of consecutive booster seat starts. How many games does he win if the pen cleans up his messes? Zero! more »

  • Posted 09/09/2011 04:11:36 EDT

    Obviously Zimmerman's drivel has taken a lot of time and money out of your pockets. more »

  • Posted 09/09/2011 04:10:23 EDT

    I like Red Sox chances to win 1 or 2 and move Rays from 2% chance to 1%, only becuase Tim Wastefield isn't pitching.
    more »

  • Forum Post: Poor Tim Wakefield

    Posted 09/09/2011 04:08:41 EDT

    Moonslow attempts to curry favor, but bullies disagreement.

    Ditto for harnut.

    They post more thany anyone else, and are obviously NYT shill plants. more »

  • Posted 09/09/2011 04:05:28 EDT

    Extreme hate accusation is censorhip hate speech. more »

  • Forum Post: Poor Tim Wakefield

    Posted 09/09/2011 04:00:19 EDT

    Moonslow is one of two board bullies. more »

  • Posted 09/09/2011 03:59:09 EDT

    Coasting too soon has given Rays one last miracle hope. Won't happen, but it does expose and embarrass a bad management job for the regular season. If post season isn't WS title or close WS or ALCS cl more »

  • Forum Post: Scutaro

    Posted 09/09/2011 03:55:23 EDT

    Lowire's injuries are mostly psycho variety. More panic attacks in heat and normal athletic wear and tear. more »

  • Posted 09/09/2011 03:50:07 EDT

    Better to be cautious and skip Lester and rest Pedroia and Agon. Its been working well since management decided to rest up, about 2 weeks ago. more »

  • Forum Post: Scutaro

    Posted 09/09/2011 03:37:04 EDT

    Lowrie is already an elite MLB SS, just ask Tom. more »

  • Posted 09/09/2011 03:02:21 EDT

    No, they don't have to use Wastefield. They choose to use Wastefield. I'm saying Wastefield and the 200 win nonsense, who cares, is a huge distraction. Crawford talked about wanting to get it badly. S more »