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  • Forum Post: Women's World Cup

    Posted 06/07/2013 05:12:02 EDT


      "I said it was the bestest-looking wig I ever saw. It was a compliment"

  • Posted 09/27/2012 10:06:44 EDT

    Maybe we should have drafted bust Joe McKnight to play CB.  This is the most hilarious thing I've heard in quite some time.  Let's take a guy who is awful at one position and throw him into another.   more »

  • Posted 09/26/2012 02:00:19 EDT

    So the kick was bad.  Tell us something we didn't already know.  

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  • Posted 09/26/2012 01:58:45 EDT

    BB doesn't miss on these kind of pick ups.  It is likely that this guy has something to contribute and will under the guidance of BB.

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  • Posted 09/26/2012 01:56:59 EDT

    This fine is just more proof of the failures and hypocrisy of Goodell.  He's a Jet pawn.  BB had every right to try to get the attention of the ref who was obviously ignoring him after blowing the fie more »

  • Posted 09/25/2012 08:42:52 EDT

    McCourty will be a top 5 CB by the end of the year.  He has already played better than Revis.  The Jets were getting burned with Revis playing this year.  They now have the two worst starting CBs in t more »

  • Posted 09/24/2012 10:47:23 EDT

    Maybe the OC, but more likley Brady overruling the plays. Here we are having another good day on the ground and once again, he passes 40+ times and we lose.

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  • Posted 09/24/2012 10:43:59 EDT

    In response to pcmIV's comment:




    Great, another Ravens troll.  Like you can tell if that is in front or behind the upright.

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  • Posted 09/24/2012 10:42:01 EDT

    In response to AZPAT's comment: In response to bobbysu's comment: 500 yards was tainted. Terrible calls continued drives. Makes Defense looks worse, when they actually did their job. No, Officials had more »

  • Posted 09/24/2012 10:38:37 EDT

          What an embarrassment to the NFL to not allow a review of a clear mistake. It is just Goodell hiding his incompetence and love for the Jets. I saw o or three video shots that were better angle t more »

  • Posted 09/24/2012 10:33:36 EDT

    In response to jri37's comment: In response to DelGriffith's comment: In response to bobbysu's comment: 500 yards was tainted. Terrible calls continued drives. Makes Defense looks worse, when they act more »

  • Posted 09/24/2012 10:13:12 EDT

    In response to tg19pats' comment: The problem with the refs is no none couldfigure out how to play, one play mccourty is mugging the receiver and no calls a play later a phantom call for nothing. Even more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 03:27:47 EDT

    In response to DelGriffith's comment: JayShizzly/Patsfan76, that's our Jets troll Mangione/Phat Rex. He's impersonating me with the mods allowing it and no other Pats fans calling him out. It's HE who more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 02:50:45 EDT

    In response to patsfan76's comment: Like Parcells used to say, "its not you can dail 1=800- get a quarterback"   Who would you rather have then Brady Rusty? I thought you liked running anyways, why yo more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 02:12:26 EDT

    In response to chowdakid's comment:   Are the Patriots heading for a Redsox-like season?   Let’s take a look at that for a moment, injuries, and underachievement does that ring a bell? Have we seen more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 02:08:19 EDT

    In response to leonardo0110's comment: It's a good thing we didn't see much of Nate Solder...I guess he did a solid job..On the other hand the interior of our O-line got dominated!!!   This sort of ig more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 01:28:35 EDT

    a game winning 53 yarder yesterday?   [/QUOTE] Belichick doesn't value kickers as demonstrated by his willingness to let vinatieri go.   [/QUOTE] BB knew AV was at the end of his career.  He's been mu more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 01:25:16 EDT

    In response to PhatRex's comment: Bills sure looked better today against the great Chiefs.  Are they still the most overrated team or have the Patriots taken over that spot? The Bills are a joke.  The more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 01:08:56 EDT

    In response to PhatRex's comment: In response to TheExaminer's comment:   In response to PhatRex's comment:   In response to glenr's comment:   In response to PhatRex's comment:   bwa ha haha haha hha more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 12:47:24 EDT

    In response to patsfan76's comment: Lets trade for Tebow! I heard he is pretty accurate with his deep ball   At least we wouldn't have to worry about passing 40 times a game, the key to every one of o more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 12:42:28 EDT

    In response to BabeParilli's comment: In response to DelGriffith's comment:   In response to pezz4pats's comment: In response to DelGriffith's comment: Did you just call me a "jilted Brady lover"? lol more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 12:34:14 EDT

    In response to patsfan76's comment: Crusty, You really need help. The Disease has spread throughout your body and you now have a rigamortus thing going on. You are absolutely crazy and the fact that a more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 12:22:51 EDT

    Clearly, this loss is on McDaniels. After Ridley ran wild again in the first half, Josh succumbed to Brady's pleading to pass 40 + times a game and abandoned the successful run game.  When will they p more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 12:17:35 EDT

    In response to UD6's comment: In response to PatsNut5480's comment:   If you don't have a kicker that can't kick under pressure why have him.  I hate to be one of those guys that says "kick him off th more »

  • Posted 09/17/2012 12:15:26 EDT

    Phat Rex is a troll. What  a joke.  He's on here yapping about losing to the Cardinals when the weak Steeler team just ran all over that "great run D".  Hillarious!  It will be even funier when the Ca more »