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  • Forum Post: Let's talk 2008

    Posted 09/14/2014 08:11:45 EDT

    Cassel stepped ont o one of the best offenses ever assembled and played one of the esiest schedules ever written....and made millions of dollars from it....good for him. 

  • Forum Post: Bolden is a bust

    Posted 09/14/2014 08:05:35 EDT

    How can an undrafted free agent that has played in tons of games for a team be a bust?

  • Posted 09/12/2014 07:40:49 EDT

    He will not play Sunday....bad time for this to happen for him, with the huge firestorm from the Rice situation. 

  • Posted 09/10/2014 06:53:15 EDT

    While I think Kline is better....he was far from the problem witht he O-Line last week. Solder and Vollmer(our best O-linemen) struggled horribly in the second half. 

  • Posted 09/10/2014 06:49:00 EDT

    It seems like his deep balls have gotten less consistent since the death of Tom Martinez(RIP).    Oh sure, every now and then you would see him struggle with them, but then the bye week would come, he more »

  • Posted 09/08/2014 03:55:47 EDT

    In response to TripleOG's comment: [QUOTE]   Id like to think Brady would never "give up" but he sure looked ho hum in the 4th when he was just chucking it up, almost hoping it would be picked off so more »

  • Posted 09/06/2014 12:42:12 EDT

    Wonder if they are having some fun at the expense of Jimmy G. McDaniels will walk up to him before the game "Tom's not gonna be able to're up kid!" Just to see how he reacts to it. 

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  • Posted 09/05/2014 04:08:41 EDT

    In response to UD6's comment: [QUOTE] In response to JOHNharvey12345's comment: [QUOTE] In response to UD6's comment: [QUOTE] TP has spoken.  Let it be written.  Let it be done.   But I just can't get more »

  • Posted 09/03/2014 07:55:44 EDT

    I agree that Manning leaves his guys out to dry more then Brady and a lot of QBs.     But if a WR tried to sue him for would get laughed out of court faster then you could blink.  The guy wil more »

  • Posted 09/03/2014 04:42:00 EDT

    I don't see him getting traded while on his current contract, I think they played a part in his restructure. He took numbers that decline as the contract goes on....nobody does that. It ensures that h more »

  • Posted 09/01/2014 03:19:50 EDT

    I'm guessing they use him mostly in the red zone the first week to see how the knee responds. Also keeps him fresh in case it is tight in the 4th quarter and they need him. I'm guessing he plays about more »

  • Forum Post: Cannon

    Posted 08/30/2014 05:04:16 EDT

    Reiss saysthere is a chance they are moving Vollmer to LG. If Solder gets up to top form, the left side of that line would be formidable. Would play Cannon at RT....but still the worrisome situation o more »

  • Forum Post: Cuts.

    Posted 08/30/2014 05:01:47 EDT

    Didn't see Aiken getting cut and it kind of worries me. Hope they sign another snapper, while I am sure Nink can do it, having a starting linebacker that plays 90%+ of the snaps as your long snapper i more »

  • Posted 08/29/2014 04:28:50 EDT

    It would take a 1st, and I don't see a team doing that. Rams are certainly fun to think about, since their record probably won't be that great this year and the higher first round pick would be sweet. more »

  • Posted 08/29/2014 04:17:03 EDT

    Would not be shocked to see them miss the playoffs this year....lot of me-first players on that team, and despite their success, Harbaugh does not seem to be especially well-liked by his players. I th more »

  • Posted 08/25/2014 03:44:45 EDT

    I see Arizona as a potential spot if he hits FA next year, don't think they would part with anything significant for him with only one year on his deal and no experience in their system. 

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  • Posted 08/24/2014 10:32:14 EDT

    I would put Cousins as a potential future answer as well. I just don't see why they would trade a 2nd round QB for a QB on a one year deal who has thrown all of 4 passes in his career.

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  • Posted 08/24/2014 06:05:46 EDT

    From their POV....why Mallett?   Other QBs that are available as Free Agents or possible trades:   Kyle Orton Kirk Cousins Michael Vick Matt Flynn Matt Moore Trent Edwards Charlie Batch Mark Sanchez   more »

  • Posted 08/24/2014 12:54:39 EDT

    Call me crazy....but I would take Tim Tebow over Johnny Football in a heartbeat. Tebow is a better built athlete that at least puts in the work and is a good leader/teammate. 

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  • Posted 08/23/2014 11:53:03 EDT

    I could see a Taylor Price scenario here, where he makes it, but they eventually lose patience in-season.

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  • Posted 08/04/2014 08:51:45 EDT

    He should really give AJ Green like 60% of that money, since he is the one who earned it. I don't get spending that much of your cap on a QB who looks to be chasing Peyton's playoff loss record. 

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  • Posted 07/31/2014 03:51:47 EDT

    I think he is exactly what they thought they were getting years ago when they signed Adalius Thomas. A big, athletic linebacker, that can do ANYTHING. 

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  • Posted 07/31/2014 03:49:22 EDT

    If the secondary can stay healthy, the Pats are going to be VERY hard to throw on this year.    Revis is the best corner we have had since Law, and if he gets back to his peak, he is the best this tea more »

  • Posted 07/18/2014 07:18:43 EDT

    Don't get me wrong, Megatron is incredible, and I would be thrilled if he was a Patriot....but I would take Larry Fitz over him if given the option....better hands, runs a wider variety of routes, and more »

  • Posted 07/18/2014 07:11:57 EDT

    I think the guy is content to be done, which is a shame. He would be a great fill-in if Gronk is not ready opening day....and when Gronk is healthy....can you just imagine that 1-2 punch down in the R more »

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