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  • Posted 01/09/2014 07:39:31 EST

    No, it won't keep paying.  "Lockett chose the cash option . . . after seeking financial advice."  This means that instead of receiving $50,000 for life, he will receive $650,000 once. If he is like 95 more »

  • Posted 01/06/2014 04:31:12 EST

    You have lots of good suggestions here and I'm sure you will find a solution.  But I'll add one more to the list: We dealt with a horrible recurring yeast infecton diaper rash with my older daughter.  more »

  • Forum Post: WAY OT - VPL issue

    Posted 01/10/2013 03:36:57 EST

    I personally wear VS thongs and love them.

    But have a bunch of friends who have expressed similar sentiments to yours about VS thongs and they absolutely swear by Hanky Panky thongs.

    more »

  • Posted 12/03/2012 10:49:23 EST

    It is possible the constipation is still an issue.  We had trouble potty training because our daughter was afraid to make a BM.  She'd try very hard to hold it, which would result in an inability to h more »

  • Posted 12/03/2012 10:42:22 EST

    We kept our older daughter (90%+ for height and weight) rear facing until she hit the upper weight limit for her carseat, which ended up being just before her 3rd birthday and expect to do the same fo more »

  • Posted 11/12/2012 02:36:41 EST

    Chicklet:  The only place I found that had remotely decent work maternity pants was Ann Taylor Loft Maternity.  It's been a couple of years since I shopped for maternity pants, so not sure what they a more »

  • Posted 05/08/2012 12:10:22 EDT

    I agree with Hughkona - I love my double Bob Revolution for running (and my single one, too, for that matter).  While the double Bob will fit through doorways, it is a tight squeeze.  I know that is a more »

  • Posted 05/07/2012 09:34:38 EDT

    Trouble - I've been primarily pumping for a few months now.  (My daughter, 10.5 mos has gone through a nursing strike, a month-long stuffy nose and a few other issues that have lessened her interest i more »

  • Posted 04/25/2012 12:04:31 EDT

    In Response to Re: Air Travel with Toddler: Has anyone strapped a Britax Marathon 70 into a plane seat??  It just seems SO enormous. Posted by medfordcc Yes, this is the convertible car seat we have t more »

  • Posted 04/25/2012 11:04:46 EDT

    You have great suggestions from the posts already.  The only thing I might add is this: I have traveled extensively (internationally and within the US) with a convertible car seat. In our experience, more »

  • Posted 02/06/2012 09:04:10 EST

    I ran through my second pregnancy and found a belt to be extremely helpful.
    I used this one http://www.fitmaternity.com/maternity-clothes/ga003.html more »

  • Forum Post: Baby Tracking Apps

    Posted 01/05/2012 09:41:04 EST

    We also use Baby ESP for daughter #2 (6 months) and love it!  And, like Trouble, we have it on multiple phones (mine, my husband's and our nanny's), which has proved incredibly helpful for overall com more »

  • Forum Post: Winter newborns

    Posted 12/14/2011 01:43:31 EST

    Heartily agree on the drive-thru.  Further, many times over the past three years I've wished for a drive-thru where I could pick-up a gallon of milk. more »

  • Posted 12/06/2011 02:32:55 EST

    We traveled to the South of France this summer with an eight-week old and a 3 year old. It was an incredible, wonderful, fantastic trip and I am so glad we did it. Our trip was definitely easier than more »

  • Posted 11/17/2011 09:43:57 EST

    Thank you!!!  We've had two beautifully leak-free nights with Good Nights.  Oh my goodness what a difference!  And, methinks it no coincidence, my daughter is sleeping better as well. Twokids, thanks more »

  • Posted 11/15/2011 12:07:23 EST

    Thank you all for your suggestions.  She is in the night time pull-ups already (I called them diapers, rather than pull-ups in my original post, sorry!) But I'm going to check out the Good Nights and more »

  • Posted 11/14/2011 01:28:17 EST

    My nearly 3.5 year old has just turned the corner with daytime potty training. It was along, arduous road, complicated by extreme fear of making a BM on the potty and the arrival of a younger sister. more »

  • Posted 11/10/2011 07:04:55 EST

    We found that after about a year or so our diaper pail smelled to high heaven, no matter what we did to try to remove the stink. (For the record, ours was the "diaper champ," used in conjunction with more »

  • Forum Post: OT - totalled car

    Posted 10/28/2011 07:38:35 EDT

    Hi Fram, So sorry for what you are dealing with.  As I was reading the thread, I began to wonder if your insurance company was Met Life ... About 10 years ago, I was involved in an accident near Fenwa more »

  • Posted 07/25/2011 06:27:35 EDT

    I'm in the process of a nanny search.  While I'm in Connecticut, perhaps my experience might still be helpful. I have posted on Care.com, SitterCity and Craig's List. I've received an overwhelming res more »

  • Posted 05/23/2011 11:28:57 EDT

    Hi Trouble, Your thinking is exactly the same as my thinking when I was looking into the Britax and Recaro.  We ended up getting one of each, knowing we could swap, as necessary, for longer trips, etc more »

  • Posted 05/20/2011 09:55:27 EDT

    We have the Marathon in one car and a Recaro in the other.   One note: my nearly 3-year old daughter is still rear facing in both (she's a hair under 35 pounds, which is the maximum rear-facing limit more »

  • Forum Post: Carseat for #2?

    Posted 01/11/2011 12:18:05 EST

    I've been mulling this over for a few days and thought I'd toss it out for feedback from all of you: We're expecting #2 in June.  Our daughter will be turning 3 right around the same time.  We used an more »

  • Posted 12/07/2010 03:41:06 EST

    When did you tell your older child about the impending arrival of his/her sibling? My daughter is 2.5 and although we don't plan to tell her for some time yet (I'm only 12.5 weks), I keep thinking abo more »

  • Forum Post: Cloth diapers?

    Posted 12/22/2009 01:43:58 EST

    Fair question, Daisy75. Most of the time I take them to the dump in a paper bag.  Within the paper bag, each individual diaper is tied up in one of those small biodegradable plastic bags (found them, more »