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  • Posted 02/10/2012 03:56:00 EST

    I think it was a wise move and I am fine with the decision. There is a big conversation to be had all over the world in regards to religion and science. We have to learn to co-exist. It is going to ge more »

  • Posted 12/20/2011 04:58:12 EST

    I will log my complaint at the ballot box. Not that any of the GOP candidates were any good in the first place but this independent just decided to vote against the GOP across the board. Unless you ru more »

  • Posted 11/16/2011 06:35:28 EST

    Unforgivable. I may have to boycott the Red Sox now. When you don't invest in your best talent, you deserve to lose. Watney was my favorite Red Sox. more »

  • Posted 03/10/2010 01:33:31 EST

    Question #1: Was terminating Coughlin and Bouris in the best interest of students in Arlington? Answer: an emphatic no. I worked with Chuck and Stav for almost 10 years and I can say, without hesitati more »

  • Posted 12/23/2009 07:47:05 EST

    I wonder if you might have more attentive or active students if your curriculum or teaching style was more interesting? I know many teachers who are dull and boring and I would probably be sleeping, t more »

  • Posted 11/01/2009 09:46:16 EST

    What is wrong with education is not teachers or the way they are evaluated. It is politicians mandating this and that without properly funding this and that and without helping to make sure that teach more »

  • Posted 10/29/2009 01:36:27 EDT

    For the record, both Bouris and Coughlin have impeccable records and were both widely respected and loved in the community. They still are. Certainly even the most loved public servants have dissentor more »

  • Posted 10/28/2009 12:57:31 EDT

    Lots of misinformation here. What exactly did the two beloved and decorated educators do? There was no evidence to suggest that either of them did anything wrong. There were some emails that if taken more »

  • Posted 10/28/2009 08:54:38 EDT

    FYI...update, Coughlin won his arbitration on all 5 counts. more »

  • Posted 10/27/2009 01:19:44 EDT

    What will they say when Coughlin wins his arbitration...better think quickly... more »

  • Posted 10/25/2009 09:36:06 EDT

    Manny, I don't understand your logic? The AEA has NOT been funding this. They funded a one day arbitration on Coughlin's lead teacher position, that was a grievance that existed prior to Coughlin's fi more »

  • Posted 10/23/2009 08:04:53 EDT

    Fact - the AEA has paid for Coughlin's share of the arbitrators bill. They have not paid one dime of his attorney's fees, not one dime for subpoenas, not one dime for the enforcement of a subpoena whe more »

  • Posted 10/23/2009 07:25:29 EDT

    I have seen none of the bills. To my knowledge the AEA has not funded Coughlin's arbitration. They would have in the event that Coughlin used MTA attorney's, but he went with a private counsel and the more »

  • Posted 10/22/2009 05:11:27 EDT

    I love it. A 25% discount. What's that, frequent flyer points? How about we tack on the costs for stenographers and arbitrators and call it even? Even with the new figure we are talking about close to more »

  • Posted 10/21/2009 07:52:56 EDT

    Joe: 1. The AEA is not funding Coughlin's half of the arbitration. They would not be able to afford it, first of all. Maybe they have contributed support or consultation along with the MTA but Coughli more »

  • Posted 10/20/2009 09:30:24 EDT

    In fairness to the wrongfully accused I feel compelled to respond and will offer a few details: 1. The AEA union is not footing the bill on this matter. Both parties have decided to go with private re more »

  • Posted 06/04/2009 07:31:02 EDT

    Wait, are we talking about food? more »