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  • Posted 11/23/2009 12:19:20 EST

    I just saw on ESPN that the Rhode Island State Police caught a guy wearing everything pats team logo and pats face paint going about 96MPH on 95 North heading back towards beantown around 1:35 in the more »

  • Posted 11/23/2009 12:10:35 EST

    Yappy-How are ya!?Did you see BB throwing that bomb at the end of the game trying to run up the score....again? What's with this guy?No class is how he is percieved everywhere but NE of course.Add in more »

  • Forum Post: Rex Ryan is a tool

    Posted 11/23/2009 12:07:45 EST

    The pats under BB have become what everybody hates.BB is losing it (witnessed last week with BB's now infamous Blunder).He was trying to run up the score again like some unprofessional angry High Scho more »

  • Posted 11/23/2009 12:02:53 EST

    Hey thanks for bringing up that ugly and embarrassing fiasco that BB brought upon himself by believing that he is bigger then the game....Spygate! Some legacy this guy will be remembered for huh? Now more »

  • Forum Post: Rex Ryan is a tool

    Posted 11/23/2009 11:45:44 EST

    I said the same thing that Ryan did.The difference is I say it everyday about NE and especially their loudmouthed know nothing fans. Yup - I say it in here on a regular basis-Go ask the Mods or the wi more »

  • Posted 11/23/2009 10:52:26 EST

    If there was a Super Bowl for complaining whiners the pats fan base would win it every year hands down! I truly can't believe how obsessed pats fans are with the Colts.The pats lost on a horrible deci more »

  • Forum Post: Rex Ryan is a tool

    Posted 11/23/2009 10:46:02 EST

    Well at least Ryan isn't a known cheater.Rookie coach with a rookie QB.It is what it is. Not to be redundant but he's never been caught cheating by the League.Not too many head coaches in the history more »