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  • Posted 12/13/2009 02:25:29 EST

    These guys are keeping their offense in the game. Wilfork playing well as always. I like seeing Chung mixing it up. Hopefully more people will follow suit in the 2nd half.

  • Posted 11/30/2009 11:29:10 EST

    Umm the running game got them the lead in the first half. That wasnt the problemIn Response to Re: Patriots vs. Saints game discussion: so what if they run up the score? these aresupposedly grown men more »

  • Posted 11/30/2009 11:28:12 EST

    Uh oh Moss going off on some camera dude. We'll hear about that tomorrow. Can't wait to hear WEEI spin this 60 minute debocle. more »

  • Posted 11/30/2009 10:40:18 EST

    God Wilhite is awful. Run toward your endzone and fall own. I haven't seen him look back toward Brees once. more »