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  • Posted 06/26/2015 04:39:29 EDT

    No one saw G.S. playing 4 guards major minutes??  Curry, Klay, Barbosa, Livingston. Cavs had Best player in the world and dominant bigs in Mos, Trist....still went home. Danny gonna have us right in 2 more »

  • Posted 06/26/2015 04:08:18 EDT

    Small Ball won a chip. We aint getting a better frontcourt than Mosgov and Thompson and even they werent enough once GS went small. Stop B*tching and wait to see the guys play...sheeesh. He has BEEN t more »

  • Posted 06/26/2015 03:47:15 EDT

    In response to scubber's comment: Flexibility?  I am drawing a blank here, flexibility for what?  I don't think I am impatient, but let's call spade a spade here.  What are we doing with all these sma more »

  • Posted 06/26/2015 12:40:20 EDT

    In response to BirdLewsBias' comment: Tobias Harris Max $$ for T.Harris?! more »

  • Posted 06/26/2015 12:31:36 EDT

    IDk if its Dannys time or not. I know he brought us a title in 08. I had waited a long time so for that Im thankful. Im terms of if its time to go. I ask based on what?  Not making us a contender agai more »

  • Posted 06/09/2015 09:45:26 EDT

    One thing you can say about Butler, Fletcher and Cox. They have ALL had their moments at one time or another. Butler has had only One big moment. Fletcher has a couple of solid years under his belt in more »

  • Forum Post: OTA's

    Posted 05/29/2015 03:16:01 EDT

    In response to Paul_K's comment: Traditionally a football team puts their five best guys on the line for the entire game.  I see a possibility that BB may break the mold.  If BB has running game speci more »

  • Posted 05/29/2015 12:34:27 EDT

    Well they aint gonna like Grissom who also worked out at TE in the draft and BB was impressed. BB has a few DE/TE prospects and I guess the best of them sticks and creates some versatility so they can more »

  • Posted 05/29/2015 11:52:38 EDT

    In response to Patsdateam's comment: Just kidding.   So is there any reason why this guy isn't signed yet? I mean when healthy he is a very good back, demonstrated by his stats when he was in a real o more »

  • Posted 05/29/2015 11:48:59 EDT

    Jake Bequette that is..   Just heard is being worked out at Tight End in minicamp. What other reason would BB be so content on giving this guy a roster spot?? We probably have the best TE corp in the more »

  • Posted 05/29/2015 11:39:23 EDT

    I hope someone else makes it over Moore.  I def. think Fred Davis takes the spot over Wright(didnt catch a pass the last 2 months of season) if he stays healthy in camp. I think our RB roster is missi more »

  • Forum Post: OTA's

    Posted 05/29/2015 11:35:24 EDT

    In response to Philskiw1's comment: In response to TripleOG's comment: more »

  • Forum Post: OTA's

    Posted 05/29/2015 10:42:38 EDT   Glad someone is ready to move on and talk foo more »

  • Posted 05/21/2015 01:18:53 EDT

    Hahaaa   Pats nation will never be the same. My life however?? Mortgage still due on the 1st. Still gotta work for mines. Life goes on. Im loving the memes though TFB. Keep em' coming.     “Every ma more »

  • Posted 05/21/2015 01:12:10 EDT

    Im thinking there is no going easy on Revis now. If he wants to play man vs us, I say do him like Talib. Run crossing routes all day and take legal shots to let em' know how we feel. Make him pull a h more »

  • Posted 05/21/2015 12:06:23 EDT

    I told folks not to fall in love with this fraud. He knew what his plan was all along. He basically played a year for a team he hates just to get what he needed. He will never get another ring eslewhe more »

  • Posted 05/19/2015 03:02:50 EDT

    In response to agcsbill's comment: Don't get it.  If you scream to the heavens your organization did nothing wrong, why accept a punishment of ANY sort? Something is going on here and we are not privy more »

  • Posted 05/19/2015 02:58:50 EDT

    The people who are raving mad today never really knew Kraft. He hasnt been the same since Myra passed. Kraft throwing up his allegiance to Illuminati should have told you all you needed to know. Money more »

  • Posted 05/19/2015 02:37:56 EDT

    In response to ATJ's comment: In response to IrishMob7's comment: Can somebody please tell me what was said? He said the process has gone on too long and that for the good of the league he is acceptin more »

  • Posted 05/19/2015 11:31:11 EDT

    Kraft better be doing the right thing behind the scene. He is showing support but maybe he needs to refrain from mentioning that he "asked Brady if he was innocent and he said yes and I believed him"  more »

  • Forum Post: Spikes resigned

    Posted 05/18/2015 10:59:18 EDT

    In response to ANONMD08's comment: Per Adam Schefter, I guess all is forgiven in foxboro I guess BB doesnt have a twitter account. This is why I dont kick guys on the way out because most likely, they more »

  • Posted 05/15/2015 04:33:43 EDT

    Ummmm, yea about that apology Roger...  We patiently wait for that followed by your swift demise.     “Every man is free to rise as far as he's able or willing, but the degree to which he thinks det more »

  • Posted 05/15/2015 12:16:34 EDT

    Goody gonna be filing for unemployment soon! 

    more »

  • Posted 05/15/2015 10:43:25 EDT

    In response to prolate0spheroid's comment: In response to TFB12's comment: In response to oklahomapatriot's comment: TFB12 probably has a great deflator picture somewhere I'm embarrassed that the Patr more »

  • Posted 05/14/2015 12:36:59 EDT

    In response to Muzwell's comment: Well, it's no secret that it's about money. But, it's also about Goodell. He knows his public perception is suspect. Nobody really likes him, among football fans anyw more »