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MALE, Brookline

About Me: The last Republican standing in Brookline. I'm used to getting dirty looks at polling places when I ask for a Republican ballot. I love to engage candidate backers on election day. They are amazed when I tell them I wouldn't vote for their candidate at gun point. If they stray over the "no politcking" line I call the detail cop and get them booted. Anyone too lazy to use their own avatar and picks a "Glub" avatar just isn't trying. Stand up for what you post. Don't back down. If it's your opinion, stick to it. If a liberal harpy screams, "how awful, you hater," concerning your post take it as a badge of honor. If a "Birkenstock Boy," uses his nine years of college basket weaving credentials to jab you, tell him to grow a pair. Besides, if he or she actually read your opinion they are probably off to see their analyst. ===== ====== ===== ======= I find it encouraging that posters who lean to right have commented on so many stories. For years the "Glubs" posters have 100% backed the papers ideas and ideals. The same has happened over at "That Feisty Little Tabloids" comment sections. Leftists comments appear quite regularly. That is also a good thing. Anyone who cares has two platforms to air their point of view and opinions. I do wish both papers offered an "ignore" button or another option to avoid certain posters.