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About Me: I am a life long resident of Massachusetts. I am a husband and the father of two and we have a wonderful home. For my hobbies I am a huge New England Patriots fan and am an amateur musician. I enjoy playing all kinds of music and collecting rare and unusual guitars. I am of Italian American decent (or as Michelle and Barak Obama's Pastor and campaign spiritual advisor refer to my family and I as GARLIC NOSED ITALIANS. I am a registered Independent. I get my news from Fox News, Boston Globe, WTKK, CNN and occasionally from BBC in that order. I sometimes watch MSNBC for comic relief. Voting Record - The first president I voted for was Ronald Reagan in his second term. I voted for Mike Dukakis when he ran against George Bush Senior in his first term. (Iwas a kid and figured it would help MA - Like I said I was a stupid kid). I then voted for Bush Senior when he ran against Bill Clinton. I did vote for Bill Clinton in his second term. I voted for GWB II for both terms. I believe global warming is a political stunt and scam and until the Chinese and Mexicans are made to clean the planet I really dont want to hear any more about it. I voted for John McCain in the most recent election mainly because I was appalled with Barak Obama and the people who surrounded him in his rise to power. I feel he was given an unfair advantage by the press leaving America vulnerable with a president who is unknown and not yet a proven leader. So far I have been proven right. I will continue to doubt his abilities until he can solve something. I feel the only American who can solve this current economic crisis as President would be Mitt Romney. I am hoping he runs in 2012. If PBS, NBC and CNN choose not to run documentaries bashing Mormonism I feel he has a shot!.