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About Me: Male, Age: 22, Dover, NH About Me: I watched Super Bowl XX with my mom when I was two weeks old; lucky for me she was an adamant fan before I was born. At about age 9, I was already engaged in playing Pee-Wee Football for my home town in Dover, NH, there were 12 teams in the league all sporting NFL names. Call it fate, or by chance I ended up being randomly assigned to a team donning the Patriots logo. I wore the jersey #12 (coincidence? Maybe, I did play quarterback for a year) for four years until I moved on to Dover Middle School football. About the time I started playing in the Pee-Wee League, I was already a crazed Patriots fan. It was around that time they entered Super Bowl XXXI. I was so passionate about the organization, I admit, I teared up when the Patriots went two touchdowns behind in the fourth quarter. Since, I have never given up on the team, from the Pete Carroll years to Bill Belichick, to the early 21st generation Championships; I never lost sight of my team. I continue to follow NCAA football, right into the combine, then the draft (seen usually at Gillette), off-season work outs and personnel moves, right into rookie/OTA and mandatory training camp. I do this because I love the game. I also do this because I want to see who will be the new kid to wear that blue, silver, and red jersey that means so much to me. One day I will be a season ticket holder, I acknowledge this is something that will not happen in the near future. It is something that will be a goal of mine. In this distant future, I will be attending a New England Patriots game almost every Sunday as an older fan, and I assure you, still being the loudest person in the crowd.