Livestill's Page


MALE, Boston, MA

About Me: I have lived in the Boston area all my life, well so far. There was a time I moved to the midwest and northwest but for a total of two years over a period of ten. But mainly I have been here in the hub. I have a beautiful wife, two lovely daughters, cats, a dog and a condo that is so far underwater it is nick-named "Atlantis." Living in Boston for almost 60 years I have that broken hearted sports interest base upon a high expectation that all the locals be perfect. There is a clause in my birth certificate that prevents me from having anything other than distain for New York sports teams and with written permission I can love "some" teams elsewhere. I have that love/hate relationship with public transportation and will profess to loving Boston because of the four seasons but will curse the snow, rain, heat and the raking of leaves. I have two jobs that I try not to let suck all the life out of me and an ongoing battle to live every day so I can make it to the next one.