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Obama: Campus sex assault an affront to humanity

The White House has enlisted Hollywood stars including Jon Hamm of "Mad Men" and Connie Britton of "Nashville" to help fight campus sexual assault.

Why the Free U2 Album is Pissing Off Apple Users

If giving away a mediocre album like an unwanted fruitcake at Christmas is the only way for a band to get noticed in today’s industry, I shudder to think at what the future may hold. U2 is Giving Away Its New Album for Free on iTunes Did U2 Rip Off a Boston Band?

Listen to these 18 Essential Black Keys Tracks

A lot of you reading this are probably going to be there, too, but a whole lot more aren’t going. What to do if you fall into either of those categories? Simple. Consult this list of the “essential” Black Keys tracks and enjoy. ‘The Black Keys’ Sunday Show Details

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