Sandra Bullock Surprises New Orleans High School with Graduation Speech

Imagine: You’re a graduating high school senior in Louisiana when Sandra Bullock takes the stage and gives a speech.

Do you a) freak out b) post a Twitpic/Instagram snap or c) absorb every piece of advice she gives you? Answer: All of the above.

The Oscar-winning actress surprised the 198 students of the Warren Easton Charter High School class of 2014 on Monday, May 19, where she gave an emotional and touching address.

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Bullock has strong ties to the New Orleans school, which she donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to after it was damaged by Hurrican Katrina and closed from 2005-2006 for repairs, according to New Orleans news station WWLTV and MSN.

Bullock offered anecdotal advice for the students and the rest of the crowd, including things that she tells her adopted 4-year-old son, Louis Bardo Bullock, who was born in New Orleans — like “Do not pick your nose in public.”

The speech took a more serious turn when the “Gravity” actress urged the teens to look past their fears.

“The first thing is stop worrying so much,” Bullock said. “Stop being so afraid of the unknown, because anything I was afraid of didn’t happen.

“Stop being scared of the unknown, because anything I worried about didn’t happen. Other stuff happened. The unknown we can’t do anything about.”

Bullock’s words brought Tatiana Collins to tears. The graduate told WWLTV that the actress’s “words just sank, they sunk in, and after she finished speaking, I just started crying.”