Trailer Released for Boston-Filmed Denzel Washington Movie ‘The Equalizer’

He’s back.

A trailer for Denzel Washington’s upcoming thriller, “The Equalizer,” was released over the holiday weekend and the Academy Award-winner is playing a total badass.

Caution: watching the clip may leave you sitting perilously close to the edge your seat.

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”The Equalizer,” which was filmed in Boston last year, focuses on Washington as a lone wolf (his best type of role) named Robert McCall, an expertly skilled killer who (in the opening moments) had given up the guts and glory for a seemingly quieter lifestyle.

All of that is flipped upside down when McCall meets a prostitute named Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz) at a dingy diner.

Teri, seated at the diner’s counter, asks McCall (at a nearby table) what the book he’s reading is about. He explains the book is “About a guy who’s a knight in shining armor except he lives in a world where knights don’t exist anymore.”

“Yeah, sounds like my world,” Teri answers.

Dun, dun, dun.

After McCall tells her that he believes she can change her world, he witnesses her get beat down by what he thought were just pimps and goes after the men, only to find out that they’re head honchos in the Russian mob — and he vows to kill them all.

“I promised that I wouldn’t go back to being that person. But for you,” McCall narrates, “I’m gonna make an exception.”

There’s no release date in the trailer, but IMDB forecasts a Sept. 26 launch. We’re going to queue up our favorite Denzel thrillers (“Man On Fire,” “American Gangster,” “Training Day,” “The Book of Eli”) to help get us through the summer.