Jennifer Lopez Battles Jimmy Fallon in ‘Tight Pants’

Jennifer Lopez knows how to put the s-ass in “Tight Pants.”

Lopez visited “The Tonight Show” on Monday where she and host Jimmy Fallon revisited a 2012 sketch originally performed by Fallon and Will Ferrell on “Late Night,” and JLo layeth the smacketh down.

If you aren’t familiar with “Tight Pants,” it all comes down to one town not being big enough for two tight pant-wearing folks. Ferrell won the first battle, sending Fallon packing ... until he wanders into JLo’s town. Things are all hunky dory between the ‘60s-styled duo until Lopez realizes Fallon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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After explaining to her male white-pantsed competitor that she received a plaque from the town’s Mayor Barleycorn, declaring her pants the “tightest in all the land,” Fallon tries to one-up her by announcing he received an urgent telegram from Governor Grimball declaring the day Tight Pants Day — in honor of his tight pants.

That’s when ish gets real.

Watch and learn (above) why you shouldn’t mess with the tight pants — or the territory — of a diva. Then check out Ferrell and Fallon in the original vid, which has gotten almost 6 million views on YouTube (below).

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