Wahlbergs Reminisce in A&E ‘Wahlburgers: Dorchester Strong’ Video Clip

Dorchester (and Boston) pride is strong in the Wahlberg family.

Alma and her three sons, Donnie, Mark, and Paul are featured in a new A&E 1-minute clip where each member of the famous Boston-bred clan reminisces about things like growing up in the area and what coming home means to them.

“For a while, the Wahlberg name and the Wahlberg reputation was not always the greatest around Boston and Dorchester,” Donnie said. Obviously that’s a different story now.

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Mark revealed that sometimes he wishes he were based in Boston (he lives in Los Angeles).

“You always feel like ‘Wow, I wish I lived here. I wish my kids lived here. I wish my kids had more opportunity and time to spend with their relatives and their cousins and their aunts and uncles,” Mark said in the clip.

After watching the show, fans have told Alma that they’re proud to admit they’re from Dorchester for the first time.

“To have somebody come to me and say they never told anybody before that they were from Dorchester because they were embarrassed,” Alma said. “She said I had to come up to you. I had to say this to you, because now I want to yell to everyone that I’m from Dorchester.”

If you can’t get enough “Wahlburgers,” tune into A&E on June 29 at 10 p.m. for a summer special, featuring a Wahlberg family reunion that took place on Patriot’s Day, the same day that Mark, Donnie, and Paul’s brother Jim ran the Boston Marathon. Watch the trailer for the episode via YouTube.