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Comedian Ron White: ‘I Have No Faith in You Kids, Man, I Really Don’t’

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour veteran, who will be performing in Boston this weekend, doesn’t have much faith in today’s generation of comedy fans. Lewis Black Talks ‘The Rant Is Due’ Tour

Lena Dunham, Planned Parenthood Make for Perfect Bedfellows

The star and creator of HBO’s “Girls” is partnering with Planned Parenthood for her new book tour, which kicks off at the Wilbur Theatre Thursday night.

BDC Now: Adam Sandler, Your Favorite Bad Actor, Will Make Movies For Netflix

Adam Sandler movies are generally terrible. But like Max Bialystock, he’s found a way to make more money with a flop than with a hit and Netflix has agreed to help him do it. That, Google buying San Francisco’s love with free WiFi, and much more, today on BDC Now.

How Affordable Were Those 90s TV Homes?

From the Greenwich Village apartment on “Friends” to the mansion in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Here’s the real-life low-down on nine iconic homes from ‘90s TV favorites. Live! See Jimmy Kimmel’s home for sale View today’s lowest mortgage rates How much house can you afford?

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