Brussels Wants You to Eat Dinner Hanging from a Crane. What Could Go Wrong?

Diners take lunch suspended in the air on June 2, 2014 above the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels."Dinner in the sky" is an "unique occasion" to discover Brussels's high cuisine and enjoy a spectacular view of the city from the air. 22 guests, strapped into their chairs with harnesses, sit around the mini kitchen where a 'starred' chef prepares and serves the meals and the wine. Brussels wants to become an essential actor of the European gastronomic scene. With its 19 starred restaurants, the EU capital has now more stars than Berlin, Rome, or Milan. "Brussels in the Sky" takes place until June 29th at the Parc du Centenaire, close to the European area. Italy is the guest of honour at this 3rd edition. AFP PHOTO/ GEORGES GOBETGEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images
Diners take lunch suspended in the air on June 2, 2014 above the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels.

Eating on the ground is dead.

Despite all of the arguments about gravity and what’s “natural,” when something has been done successfully for millions of years, it’s obviously time for a change.

Enter “Dinner in the Sky,” an innovative meal that can be enjoyed by you and 21 other people while seated at a table that’s suspended from a crane.

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Honestly, what could go wrong?

Well, the obvious answer is safety. Customers are seated at a table that’s dangling from a crane up to 180 feet above the ground. Any malfunction would undoubtedly result in serious injury, either from the fall itself or the plates, knives, and cooking equipment that would tumble down as well.

Then there’s the discomfort of dining at dizzying heights while being strapped into your chair.

As we all know, nothing screams ‘high-class dining’ like wearing a seat belt at the dinner table.

Oh, and of course, there’s the super awkward bathroom breaks, which the Dinner in the Sky website describes in detail: “It’s like in a normal restaurant: you ask where they are to the waiter and… you go down. It’s just a bit less discrete because the whole table goes down but it takes less than a minute.”

But even with all of these concerns, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When else would you get to enjoy a semi-fancy meal in an extremely risky situation with a bunch of nauseous strangers?

Plus, look at that view. Any reasonable person can tell that it’s well worth the $340 per person price tag.