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Princess Diana's death stuns the world

Weld steps out -
Cellucci steps forward

Mother Teresa is laid
to rest at age 87

Chinese rule returns
to Hong Kong

Supreme Court strikes
down 'Net decency act

UPS strike disrupts thousands of firms

Heaven's Gate cult commits mass suicide

Mars Pathfinder explores Red Planet

Ellen comes out, marking a first in TV

For the first time, a mammal is cloned

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In chat rooms, the buzz was quick applause

By Hiawatha Bray, Globe Staff, 06/27/97

Internet users were quick to applaud the US Supreme Court's rejection yesterday of the Communications Decency Act. It was hard to find dissenting opinion among the on-line faithful; Following are comments received by electronic mail and at a popular ``chat room'':

From Jacko: The Communications Decency Act ``was a bad law from the start, and I'm glad it's gone. The new power in this world is not money, it is information, and I am glad to retain my store of power.''

From Ross: ``I am a 14-year-old male, and while I think that pornography is wrong, I do not in any way feel that there is anything wrong with profanity.''

From MrsMac: ``I . . . am the mother of six children. I also do not need the government to babysit for me.''

From Jim Ohlmacher: ``Best news for the Internet in a long time. . . . The danger of sexually explicit material much more a belief than a fact. The weight of evidence is heavy with religious writings and philosophy, but light on scientific fact.''

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