How to Wrap Your Mind Around 2014’s 26.2

The training is done and the taper is on. Now it is time to finalize wrapping your mind around the journey from Hopkinton to Copley. It’s naïve to think that this will be a normal day. First Marathon? Review Tapering Do’s and Don’ts What’s on Your Boston Marathon Menu?

First Marathon? Review Tapering Do’s and Don’ts

Kyser Blakely, a personal trainer and sports performance coach, shares the crucial do’s and don’ts for successful pre-marathon prep. What’s on Your Boston Marathon Plate?

What’s on Your Boston Marathon Menu?

The Boston Marathon is right around the corner. What should you eat to compete? Top sports dietitians offer their nutrition advice on how to fuel a runner’s body.

Healthy do’s and don’ts for Spring Break travel

While travel exposes us to new cultures, it also exposes us to health and safety risks. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind to avoid a vacation spent in the hotel room.

Medical Research Rises from Tragedy at Finish Line

Ear trauma impacted more than 100 patients in the days and weeks that followed the Boston Marathon bombings. A physician team has taken lessons from the tragedy to heal the future. A year after bombing, Boston and its people heal

Finishing Strong: Brookline Marathon Team Finds Strength in Community

Runners who didn’t finish the Boston Marathon last year have found team training to be therapeutic. City offering counseling for Boston Marathon bombing anniversary

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