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4 Simple Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Preventing mosquito bites isn't rocket science--and yet we don't always do what we should or could. As obvious as this advice might be, it's always worth giving again. Here are 4 simple ways to prevent mosquito bites this season. Cases of Mosquito-Borne Virus Confirmed in Boston Area Mosquito-Borne EEE Virus Found in Mass.

Researchers Find Genes That Time Girls’ First Periods

For the first time, researchers have determined the genetic markers that determine the timing of puberty in a woman, opening the doors to determining a woman’s risk for disease later in life. Girls and Boys React Differently to Caffeine Starting at Puberty Stop Calling Young Girls ‘Fat’ Teens Largely Unware of the Consequences of Sexting

Massachusetts Agencies to Address Problem Gambling

State gambling regulators are set to sign an agreement with the state's health and human services agency to address problem gambling.

Making Strides: Highlights of Research Unveiled at AIDS Conference

Coinciding with the International AIDS Conference, The Journal of the American Medical Association released a special HIV-themed edition this week. Here we highlight some of the ground-breaking research including HIV trends in the U.S., potential Hepatitis C cures, and the effect of economic incentive programs on male circumcision rates. What You Need to Know About Sexually Transmitted Infections in 2014 Three Ways to Catch an STD Without Sex Top AIDS Researchers Among Malaysia Airlines Passengers Killed After Plane Shot Down

Red Cross Issues Urgent Call for Blood Donors

As a nationwide blood shortage looms, The American Red Cross is pleaing for donations. Find out where you can donate in Boston. ‘Gay Blood Drives’ Put Pressure on FDA to Lift Donor Ban Couple Asks Wedding Guests to Give Blood Instead of Gifts

Unlicensed Workers Found at Arlington Massage Parlors

Police and health officials have found “troubling violations” at three Arlington massage and bodyworks businesses. Arlington Dad Charged with Threatening Principal Mass. Hospital Workers’ Flu Vaccination Rates Fall Below Target

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