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Why Spanking is the Worst Punishment

Parents say it's the message they are looking to impart, not the injury. But spanking, or any kind of physical discipline, is violence. And it can do damage. A Place to Put Anger: What’s Missing From Spanking Debate Whooping Takes a Beating: Adrian Peterson and the Punishment Debate Latest in the Adrian Peterson Case

‘Mighty Mom’ Breast Pumping Toolbelt Wins MIT Hackathon

Because “every mom is superhero,” the winning design at MIT’s Make The Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon is a discrete, wearable and smart utility belt for breast pumping. WATCH: Hackers ‘Have a Blast’ Making Breast Pumps Not Suck The Moms Behind MIT’s Breast Pumping Hackathon Pictures and Pitches: MIT’s Breast Pumping Hackathon

Could You Make Your Life Slimmer By Design?

Have you ever looked in the mirror, frustrated by your expanding waistline, and asked yourself: How did this happen? With small habits, you may have designed your own weight gain. Here’s the Skinny: Mass. Ranks 48th for Obesity Why We All Need to Rise and Dine The Reason You Can’t Keep the Weight Off

Mother Juice Gets You to Eat Your Vegetables

Mother Juice, the former juice truck that used to make its rounds through Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville, now has a cozy, physical location in Kendall Square. They’re officially open for juicing. Healthy Lemon Cucumber Apple Juice Recipe Meat-free dining in the Boston area Are Slight Health Benefits of Organic Milk Worth the Extra Cost?

Will a High Protein Diet Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Healthy (emphasis: lean, clean) protein might be part of the answer to preventing high blood pressure. But don’t turn to the caveman diet just yet. Where Sodium Sneaks Up on You FDA Prepping Long-Awaited Plan to Reduce Salt Stress Increases Risk of Heart Attack. Here’s How.

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