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How to Explain a Gap in Your Resume

The recent recession and tight job market mean many job seekers have time between paying jobs on their resumes. Search for job listings 7 Places to Go For a Work Retreat Coolest Office Spaces in Boston

Starting a New Job on the Right Foot

Sometimes little things can trip people up. Here are four tips to keep in mind when starting a new job. Bosses Are Taking Their Time Making New Hires Boston’s 10 Highest-Paying Jobs What 40-Hour Work Week?

Top 8 Careers for Cheaters (US Edition)

Where do cheaters work? reveals which US-based professions have the most adulterers. 8/26: The Best Job Sectors for Cheaters How to Ace a Virtual Job Interview Boston’s 10 Highest-Paying Jobs

Bosses Are Taking Their Time Making New Hires

The average 25 business days it takes to fill a vacant spot is the longest bosses have taken to plug holes in more than a decade. Mass. Added 13,800 Jobs in July; Unemployment at 5.6%

Boston’s 10 Highest-Paying Jobs

Glassdoor looked at which job titles pay the highest salaries in Boston. The answer might surprise you. 25 Companies Where Culture is Key Boston’s Coolest Office Spaces

Boston Offices Designed for Millennials

Several Boston offices have been designed for a younger workforce. Check out a few offices that have been been designed for millennials — including one with a Fenway Park tribute. Collaborative space at work in Boston City Hall 9 social media no-nos for a new job

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