Photo courtesy of Fox TV
Photo courtesy of Fox TV

Jason Santos, owner and executive chef at Blue Inc. in Boston’s Financial District, recently adopted a dog from the MSPCA. Santos, a former contestant on the Fox TV show “Hell’s Kitchen,” dished with us via e-mail about whether he feeds his pooch gourmet, the unusual trick he hopes to teach her, and why he will not be asking Chef Gordon Ramsay for pet advice.

Q: What breed is your dog and how old is she?

Santos: She is a miniature schnauzer and is 6 years old.

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Q: What is your dog’s name? And why did you choose that name?

Santos: She had a name for six years so I thought it would be best not to change it. Her name is Samirya.

Q: What made you choose that particular dog?

Santos: It was the only dog that didn’t bark at my blue hair!

Q: A friend tweeted that she was dog adopting with you and said, “...this will be an interesting experience.” Was she right? If so, why?

Santos: As a rule she knows I am an impatient person, so with that said, I was hoping to just walk in and walk out with a dog. But, lucky for the MSPCA, they do their due diligence and make sure all animals are going to a good home. The process was great and still easy for people like me.

Q: You were a contestant on the 7th season of the FOX TV show “Hell’s Kitchen.” Chef Gordon Ramsay has a bulldog named Rumpole. Would you call Ramsay up for pet advice? Why or why not?

Santos: Probably not…..from what I have heard, swearing at your dog probably doesn’t help so I would probably politely decline his advice.

Q: Will you feed your dog gourmet food?

Santos: Yes, of course. I shave fresh black truffles over her food every morning. Do dogs need anything more?

Q: Describe your new pet in three words

Santos: Outgoing, crazy, and low attention span, like her owner.

Q: Tell us some activities you like to do with your dog.

Santos: I am trying to teach my dog to make me a drink when I get home but so far no luck so I just stick to taking it on walks, she loves to be outside.

Q: Did you have pets growing up?

Santos: Yes I have had everything from a dog, to a ferret to an illegal African cat ... long story.

Q: What is your message to folks thinking of adopting a rescue pet?

Santos: Adopt adopt adopt. It is a very easy process and very rewarding and you are doing something great for yourself and an animal… it’s a no brainer... MSPCA all the way! How’s that for an endorsement?