Howl-o-Ween pet costumes

Bailey, owned by Kristie Kenyon, of Newton, dressed up as a scarecrow (photo: Kristie Kenyon)
Bailey, owned by Kristie Kenyon, of Newton, dressed up as a scarecrow (photo: Kristie Kenyon) Credit:

With Howl-o-Ween just around the corner, some pet owners are already plotting what kind of costume to put on their pet. You may be wrestling your dog or cat into their thrilling threads, but isn’t it worth it when you snap a few good pictures?

With the number of cute costumes for pets currently on the market, you can transform your four-legged friends into adorable trick-or-treaters in honor of the occasion—and enjoy some great photos for the rest of the year!

Here are some of our favorite outfits for dressing up your pets in celebration of Howl-o-Ween:

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If your pooch wants to keep some of her girly fashion sense when dressing up, try the PETCO Halloween Wag-a-tude Pumpkin and Polka Dot Dog Dress. This sundress-style outfit has a sweet ruffle and a pumpkin design decorated with glitter for extra flair.

For those felines who want to get in on the fun, the Whisker City Jester Hat & Collar for Cats is a festive two-piece costume. And the pieces are adjustable to help you secure them onto your cat long enough to snap an incriminating photo.

With the Kyjen Dog Elf Hat, you can be ready for both Howl-o-Ween and Christmas. The super-soft headpiece is brightly colored and available in a range of sizes to get the perfect fit for your Fido.

Display your canine’s fabulous fangs with the Martha Stewart Dracula Costume for Dogs. Featuring a spiffy black and red cape with a shirt that includes a bowtie design and embroidered medal, your dog can transform into a mini-Count Dracula.