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Since 1894, Professional Loss Adjusters experienced Public Adjusters have assisted policyholders in preparing, negotiating and settling insurance loss claims. PLA has the expertise to accurately and rapidly determine the scope and value of your loss, relieving you of the complicated process of preparing a claim. This leaves you free to concentrate on rebuilding your home or business. PLA's fee is set by the state and represents a small percent of the insurance settlement. This fee is generally more than offset by a significantly higher settlement than you would be able to obtain on your own.



Len Theran, SPPA, public adjusterLeonard Theran, SPPA, principal of Professional Loss Adjusters, Inc. recently presented to a group of insurance industry professionals from across the country at the First Party Claims Conference (FPCC), which was held in Warwick, Rhode Island. The topic was “Major Business Interruption Cases—Made Simple.” Richard Lewis, Esq., an attorney with Reed Smith, LLP, one of the leading experts in Business lnterruption law in the country, was co-presenter. 

Just What Is Business Interruption Insurance?...


hail storm damage public adjusterThe National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently reported that insurance claims resulting from hail-storm damage increased 84 percent in 2012 from their 2010 level. In 2010, there were 467,602 hail damage claims filed. That number increased to 689,267 in 2011 and to 861,597 in 2012—an overall increase of 84 percent from 2010 to 2012.

(These hailstones, pictured at left, fell at a farm in central New Hampshire in late June, causing widespread damage to crops. Fortunately, damage to buildings...


You have just suffered an emotionally upsetting loss to your property—maybe a fire, a flood, wind damage, water damage or another type of disaster. Large or small, you now face the task of preparing and submitting a detailed claim to your insurance carrier, not only because you need to be compensated for your losses, but because it is required by your insurance policy.

For most people, the preparation of an insurance claim is unfamiliar and rough terrain. What does your policy actual cover? Do you...