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The Real Estate Cafe offers an unrivaled money-saving Menu of Services for DIY homebuyers & FSBOs. Opened in 1995, we were the first real estate cybercafe in the world; and our 100% rebate option was been featured in the Wall Street Journal. We invite cost-conscious, tech-savvy home buyers to compare our Menu of Fees & Rebates to Redfin or anyone else. Better yet, propose your own fee based on the limited amount of help you need. Would you believe that one in three of our clients in 2010 made up their own fee?



By Bill Wendel

48 Whitehall Zestimate 10yrs


Yesterday, the Boston Globe did it again — fanned bidding war fever in the region with another headline that read, Tight housing market drives rising bids:  Tight market drives escalation clause use.  Thankfully, the reader comment that has attracted the most LIKES may reflect a growing “bidding war backlash.” @Chrissie78 wrote:

“And in a year or two we will be hearing about how these people can’t afford their mortgages and that their mortgage is more than their home is worth…will we get to bail them out because



By Bill Wendel

Cambridge Inventory 04/11/14 vs 2013

The headline, “Home buyers face tight inventories, rising prices this spring” followed a predictable script for the past two years, but the level of sensationalized reporting in the Boston Globe’s recent story may have crossed a line.  First a cash bidding war in Newton was reported without context, and second an alarming statement about inventory in Cambridge does not stand-up to cross-examination:

“In Cambridge, where listings plunged 65 percent from a year ago, …”


By Bill Wendel

Cluster bid, under development at stealth location in Cambridge, seeks to transform runaway bidding wars into a "Force for Good"

CLUSTER BID under development at stealth location in Cambridge seeks to transform runaway bidding wars into a “Force for Good”

Tired of losing bidding wars, innovative DIY homebuyers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the few cities in the world to have it’s own Peace Commission, are using the Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard Business School today to leak information about a “killer app” they are developing –

a cluster bomb designed to win bidding wars.

Last year, behavioral scientists...