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Bentley is a business university that prepares smart, nimble and compassionate leaders for personal and professional success. Bentley offers undergraduate degrees across 20 disciplines in both business and the liberal arts and sciences. At the graduate level, Bentley confers doctoral degrees in business and accountancy, and offers three distinctive MBA programs along with seven MS programs in accountancy, finance, tax, financial planning, information technology, and human factors in information design. Bentley faculty members are nationally recognized for their research and expertise.



By  Meg Murphy

There’s one career strategy that is rarely considered but could prove useful, even pivotal, in the advancement of young women in the workplace.

It is simply this: Stop and find out if women exist in the upper echelons at a given company. Are there any women in the executive suites or on the board of directors? If you can’t find any, watch out.


By  Catherine Kershner '15 

Editor’s note: In recent weeks, the PreparedU Project has invited successful and accomplished executives to share insights into how women can help themselves and each other achieve success in the workforce. PreparedU research gave young millennials high grades for their skills, and so now we turn to millennial women students for their perspectives on preparing for a career.


By  Susan Adams

It seems like whenever older and younger generations try to understand each other, there’s a language barrier. If you’re a parent who has tried to reason with a teen, you understand all too well. It’s also true when it comes to millennials in the workplace, mostly because of the labels that come along with them: entitled, lazy, demanding.