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Bentley is a business university that prepares smart, nimble and compassionate leaders for personal and professional success. Bentley offers undergraduate degrees across 20 disciplines in both business and the liberal arts and sciences. At the graduate level, Bentley confers doctoral degrees in business and accountancy, and offers three distinctive MBA programs along with seven MS programs in accountancy, finance, tax, financial planning, information technology, and human factors in information design. Bentley faculty members are nationally recognized for their research and expertise.



By  Kristen Walsh

What do you want to be when you grow up? The answer to the age-old question — often asked as early as preschool — likely changes with life experiences. But when it comes time for college applications, most students feel the pressure to have a definitive answer. Not so, says Jane Ellis, associate dean of academic services at Bentley University. In fact, not knowing may be just what you need to set you up for success.   


By  Fred Ledley

In this final installment of our seven-week Careers of the Future Series, Fred Ledley, professor of Natural and Applied Sciences and Management as well as director of the Bentley Center for Integration of Science and Industry, explores what exactly it takes for millennial students to prepare for tomorrow's careers — including those can't even be imagined today. 


By  David Rosen

An innovative new partnership between Bentley University and Liberty Mutual Insurance is giving Actuarial Science majors a chance to interact with professional actuaries and develop real-world skills that will help them launch their careers.