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Brainshark helps companies improve sales productivity with sales enablement solutions to more effectively prepare and train employees, engage with key audiences, and advance business opportunities. Whether your audience is across the table or across the globe, we help you market, sell, educate and inform with maximum impact. Our easy-to-use solutions enable you to transform static documents into dynamic, mobile-ready content that can be accessed quickly, and viewed as on-demand video presentations or presented live - anytime, anywhere. You can also measure the effectiveness of your communications in ways never thought possible and use these insights to take action. Who Uses Brainshark? Thousands of companies-including half of the Fortune 100 and millions of individuals - rely on Brainshark solutions to improve sales productivity by increasing the impact and reducing the cost of their sales, marketing, training and HR communications. Brainshark has solutions to address all phases of sales enablement: Prepare and Train - Marketing and training professionals use Brainshark to keep up with the growing demand for high quality content. Sales reps have a quick way to access "just-in-time" training content or presentation materials - from their computers, smartphones or tablets - to better prepare for sales conversations. Engage - Sales teams and other business professionals need to capture the attention of live audiences, while powerful video-based content is critical to communicating important messages on-demand. With sales enablement solutions from Brainshark, organizations can harness the best of both worlds and better engage with key audiences anytime, anywhere. Advance - Now more than ever, organizations depend on metrics and analytics to better understand their audiences and advance their business forward. Sales enablement solutions from Brainshark enable sales reps to follow-up more effectively with prospects and make it easier for marketing professionals and senior managers to gain valuable and actionable insights about their target audiences. To learn more, please visit or call us at 866-276-7427.

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